About M.J.

Describing the history behind my pseudonym would bore anyone to death so I’ll just share that M.J. is a childhood nickname and Risley just happens to be much, much easier to pronounce than my actual last name. It stuck for awhile before I started experimenting with other names just for fun but I’ve dragged it out of the dark, dusted it off, and decided to reuse it.

I’m currently pursuing a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and possibly an Associates in International Relations. My not so subtle obsession with superheros and crime solving may have played a part in the choice but I don’t regret it. Despite this, reading and writing have been my best friends for longer than I can remember. It’s my outlet and a secret dream to be an author. My parents are sorta supportive, they read and edit when I ask but still push me towards jobs more geared towards thriving in the current economy. Every once in awhile I’ll get told to publish a book and make millions so that I can pay off their debts. Gotta love parents.

I have one younger sister who drives me nuts, an older half brother who’s engaged to be married, and two large breed dogs who bring as much frustration into my life as they do joy. The pet of my heart though is my horse, Whisper, who I was forced to give up when I left for college. For my muse, I use things I’ve read and places all around the world that I’ve visited.