The Writers

Who’s who?

If you have paid attention, you should have noticed two things. One, the writing styles change at least once week and Two, when they do, those posts have different authors at the top.

This blog was created by the head author, Maura D., as a place to hone her craft while building a platform and sharing her world with others. It was while talking to M.J. one day that she came up with the idea to put their brains together. The two are well acquainted and are often, more times than not, writing something together even if it is only in fun. They may write differently but they wanted the same thing in the end; to share with others.

They welcome feedback and critiques and thank every one of their readers for supporting them.


Disclaimer: The contents of A Writer’s Alibi are copyrighted and owned by the blog’s authors and owner. All characters and stories or short works you read are original creations of either Maura or MJ. Any resemblance to either fictional or nonfictional persons or events are completely coincidental. Pictures used do not belong to either Maura or MJ. Should you see a picture and know where it originated from, along with the artist’s or photographer’s name, please comment with the link so the art can be properly cited.

The authors ask that you do no reproduce any of the blog’s content without permission. For permission, please use the contact form below:


2 thoughts on “The Writers”

  1. You’ve an uncanny way of expressing your words which I find very interesting.

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