The Toolbox

Throughout my internet search for helpful tools of the trade, I’ve come across a few sites that helped me through slumps. I had them pooled together in my secret writer’s alcove but then I remembered, I hated being blind. I wished that someone would have taken the time out to put their treasures up in a concise list so that others could benefit.

There was one site I stumbled upon that gave me hope and motivated me to do something similar. (Check out the list composed on “Writing While the Rice Boils” and let me know what you think.) In the mean time, here are a few things we thought we’d help with.

Dialogue & Sentence Structure, Procrastination, Support for the Buzzing Brains and Talkers, & The Generator Lovers

3 thoughts on “The Toolbox”

  1. Are you able to give advice on the best way to produce a great website like yours?

    • First off, I want to apologize for how late these replies are. I don’t know how we missed your comment (or why it got shooed over to spam). Anyway, to answer your question, I would need to know what type of website you’re going for. The purpose of your site and your target audience usually depicts how you should build your site. For A.W.A. I just went for what was smooth and easy for both readers and us. I like organization so menus happened. I like visuals–they break up the monotony of words–so I stick pictures and headers where I can. Definitely check out other sites to get a handle on what you like to see then apply that to your own site.

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