Short Works

There are pieces that we love but never plan on putting through the tight ropes of professional publishing. At least not any time soon. All of these are free to peruse through and read.  If you happen to like one, let us know. We love getting feedback. Some will be good, some will be okay, and some may be plain bad but they are all meant to be stepping-stones on our writing path. We will remember each one but they aren’t the end goal. Doesn’t mean we can’t share, right? So sit down, lay back, or even jog around. Whatever you’re doing, do it while enjoying a brief escape to a world of literature. Thank you from now for reading this far and for visiting.

-Maura D. & M.J.

(updated as of 11/03/13)

Delayed Luck by Maura D.

Dreamality by Maura D.

Gaputa by Maura D.

2 thoughts on “Short Works”

  1. You have some very nice ideas. Maintain the fantastic work.

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