Tucker Hayes: Character Profile


Tucker Hayes: Character Profile

The rough sketch
(Head Canon: Cameron Smith)

NAME + Tucker Hayes
CODE NAME + Magpie

LIKES + shiny things * bright things * gossip * holding all the cards * death * blood * misfortune * playing devil’s advocate
DISLIKES + complaining/whining * waiting * being in the dark * regiments

HEIGHT + 6’2
EYE COLOR + golden brown

+ Ability +
Biological Manipulation 
Ability to control all aspects of a living creature’s biological make-up. This includes, but is not limited to, genetic alterations, physical distortion/augmentations, healing, disease, and biological functions.

PERSONALITY + likes playing tricks/pranks * klepto * quickly bored…persuasive * inquisitive * witty

Tucker was abandoned on steps of a church by his dimwitted parents in fear they stole another couple’s child by accident. They didn’t realize that the blonde haired, brown eyes baby boy they brought home was the same baby boy smiling back at them in his crib, with brown hair and gray eyes. Till the age of four he remained in the backroom of a children’s orphanage. He wasn’t allowed to venture past his bedroom door or go outside for his own safety. Least that was what they told him.

Being a child, he believed them. So when they brought in a man and said he’d like to see his “magic trick,” Tucker obliged. He mirrored the man perfectly, well nearly perfectly. He stood four feet shorter but he had all the other features down. Little did he know that day that the man wasn’t adopting him, he was taking him back to be examined. He was just an experiment to them, but he had one trick for them they would never figure out.

One by one, the scientists managed to strip him of his alter appearances except one. They had hoped to get to the one that was his true nature. Instead they had two completely different ones. One thing’s for certain, they rather the younger version.

(pending update)