Tucker Hayes: Interview

An In-depth Interview


Tucker Hayes



(Interviewer Note: these interviews are long so to better see the character behind the words. We hope you enjoy the blended worlds.)

General Information
What is your name and nickname: Tucker Hayes aka Tuck
Why were you named that: I wouldn’t know. I was dumped as a baby, was stuck in an orphanage till I was five, and I’ve been at Avia….No, I was at Avia till 3 years ago.
Gender: Male
What are you: I’m human by all scientific requirements but I’m an improved version. I was termed a Bird once and now I’m a Mutant.
How old are you: 21
What year were you born: 1993
What is your IQ: I was tested a few times over the years but I wasn’t ever told the results. It’s safe to guess above average.

Physical Appearance
Eye color: Golden brown
Do you like them: I never gave it much thought. Eyes are eyes.
Is your hair thick or thin: It’s medium.
Straight or curly: Straight
Long or short: It’s somewhat long. Past my ears but stops around mid-neck.
How do you wear it: It’s the same way how I wake up. I don’t do anything to it.
How tall are you: I’m 6’2
Are you happy with your height: I would like to be shorter but I’m content with my tallness.
How much do you weigh: I weigh 142
Are you happy with your weight: Why wouldn’t I be?
How would you describe your skin tone: Normal…hm..Slightly lighter than a light colored wood or perhaps an off-white that looks cream like on a young lion cub.
What is your body type: Average, tall, longer torso, not much muscle definition.
Any birthmarks, freckles, or other marks: No
Any scars: No
Any tattoos: No
Do you have any other features that stand out: No
Do you have any unusual characteristics: I’m quiet and I hate people. Does that qualify as unusual characteristics.
Any defining gestures: No….Though, Winny says I go too still and I stare at others till they’re uncomfortable.
What so you like most about your appearance: Nothing
What do you like least about your appearance: Nothing
Overall, are you happy with your appearance: Yes
Do you think you are attractive: I can’t gauge my own attractiveness.
Do others think you are attractive: Based off of experience, yes.

What is your blood type: O
Do you have any mental illness: I am stable.
Do you have any disabilities: No
Do you have any addictions: No
Do you have any allergies or medical problems: No
Do you have any problems sleeping: I don’t like sleeping so I’ve lowered the amount of sleep my body needs to 3 hours instead of 8.
Why do you think that is: I find sleep to be an hindrance. This way I can be productive and make sure Winny sleeps through the night.

Supernatural Abilities
Do you have any supernatural abilities: Yes. They called it biological manipulation.
What exactly are your abilities: I can alter and control all aspects of a living creature’s biological make-up. I can do genetic alterations, physical distortion/augmentations, healing, cause disease, mess with biological functions, kill, etc.
When did you discover them: My earliest memory is four.
Where did your abilities come from: Genes, from what I know.
How do you use your abilities: To my survival and benefit. I can use it by sheer will. The other person has to be close by too.
How much control do you have over your powers: There are a few things I need to try but I have full control.
What does it cost you to use your abilities: …Energy, focus, and my life. The bigger things shorten my lifespan.
Can you die or pass out from overusing your abilities: …Yes
Have you reached your full potential: Not yet
Do you feel that your abilities are a blessing or a hindrance: They are who I am and I am neither.
Would you trade or get rid of them if you could: I wouldn’t trade it, not anymore.
Are you happy with the abilities you have: Yes
Are your abilities secret: For the most part
Do many others have abilities where you come from: No
Are yours stronger or weaker or unique: I have no one to compare to. That would make me unique.

What is your earliest childhood memory: Accidentally turning myself blue. The staff thought I was dying. After that, I was kept away from the others till the government came and took me away to Avia.
What is your happiest childhood memory: None
What is your worst childhood memory: Finding out the guy in a suit wasn’t going to be the dad of my dreams hurt for a while but I grew up.
What was your childhood like: Nonexistent.
What were your childhood aspirations: To outwit, outlast, and kill the ones responsible for my situation.
What is your most embarrassing memory: I don’t feel embarrassment
What is the most frightening thing that has ever happened to you: Winny almost died
Have you ever had a near-death experience: Yes
What is the worst thing you have ever done: Mass murder
Are you from Earth: Yes
Where were you born: I can’t remember
Has anything life changing ever happened to you: Avia, Winny, the Avia Rebellion
Have you ever experienced anything traumatic: Yes
Do you have any serious regrets: No
Have you ever lost someone you love: No

What is your least favorite subject: English, I think.
What is your favorite subject: I like science.
What were you best at: I’d like to say science but I wouldn’t know.
Were you made fun of in school: I never attended school

What do you do for a living: Nothing.

What were your parents’ names: I never knew them
Do you have any siblings: I don’t know if I have family and I don’t care
Who are you closest to: Winny
Is there anyone not in your immediate family who you consider to be family: Winny
Are you or have you ever been married: No
Are you or have you ever been divorced: No
Do you have children: No

Who is your best friend: Winny
How did you meet: They used her to provoke me into using my ability. It worked.
How long have you known each other: Four years
Why are you best friends: I don’t know. She was so still, so kind, and she was worried about me despite the pain they put her through. I had to protect her. She needed me and I came to need her. She’s my connection to the outside world. My conscious and emotions. She’s a lot like my sun and moon. It’s natural that I’d protect what keeps me whole.
What about your personalities work well together: She’s kind, optimistic, and emotional. I’m a void that keeps her grounded and she helps me past my selfishness.
What are her greatest qualities: Her kindness
What are her greatest flaws: Her kindness
If of the opposite sex, have there ever been any romantic feelings: No
Other friends: No
Who is your nicest friend: Winny
Do you have many friends: No
If not, why: Because I don’t like or trust anyone and I don’t want to. I don’t need anyone.
Do you have any enemies or frenemies: Ryker and the government are my only enemies. Frenemies are an idiotic notion for those unable to commit to their true thoughts on a person.
Does anyone dislike you: Most likely
Do you have any rivals: ….Ryker

What is your sexual orientation: Straight, though I don’t see why it matters here.
Current relationship status: Single, not seeking
If single, have you ever had a romantic relationship: No
Do you want to be in a relationship: No
Do you love anyone now or have you ever: No
If not in love, do you have a crush on anyone: No
Do you know if anyone is in love or has a crush on you: No
Have you ever or do you love anyone who does not love you back: No
Have you ever told anyone you loved them: No
Has anyone told you they loved you: No
Have you ever cheated on anyone: No
Have you ever been cheated on: No
Has anyone ever broken your heart: No
Have you ever broken someone else’s heart: No
Are you shy about relationships: No
What do you do when you like someone: If, per chance, I happened to like someone, I’d tell them.
Are you a virgin: Yes
Have you ever given or received a blowjob: No
Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex: No
Do you have any quirks in the bedroom: I don’t sleep much and I prefer to sleep nude
What kind of woman are you usually attracted to: I wouldn’t know.
What kind of lover do you prefer: Again, wouldn’t know
When did you last engage in any romantic or sexual behavior: Never
How many people have seen you naked: A lot but only one I approved of

General Relationships
Who do you love most in the world: I don’t love
Who do you hate most: Ryk…No, the government and liars.
Who could you not live without: Winny
Who do you tell things to first: Winny
Who knows all your secrets: No one
Who do you always argue with: No one. I see no point in arguing when I’m right.
Who last told you they loved you: No one
Have you ever punched anyone and why: Yes. They were close enough and deserved it.
Who do you go to for advice: If I can’t figure it out, Winny
Who would you risk your life for: Winny
Do you most respect: Winny
Do you have any heroes or idols: No
If you could kill somone and get away with it, who would it be: I have and if I kill someone, it would be Ryker for putting Winny in danger.
Are there any qualities in people or behaviors that you just can’t stand: I can’t stand intrusive, pushy, manipulative, controlling, or passive people.
Would you sacrifice your own happiness for someone else and if so, who: Winny

What is a typical day like: I pretend to wake up, eat, shower, and take Winny out exploring. Sometimes I watch documentaries or train or learn more about the sciences.
Are you a morning or night person: Both
How do you usually dress: It’s new for me. I only had the basic white prison uniform at Avia but now I wear loose fitting, three quarter sleeves shirts and loose jeans. I don’t think it is a style to be classified as one thing.
Is there anything you keep with you at all times: A necklace Winny gave me
Do you keep a diary: No. I don’t need anything else documented about me.
Are you regularly in trouble or do you always follow the rules: I hate the rules but I haven’t landed into trouble
Do you ever drink or get drunk: It’s on our list to try
Do you ever go to parties: No
Describe your bedroom: Bed, nightstand, lamp, window, science books, and a closet. What else would I need?
Is it messy or neat: Neat
What would you most like to change about your life: Not being able to save Winny sooner
Are you happy with your life: Yes

What is your religion: I don’t have any
Are you very religious: No. I don’t know what they are or how many there are.
Are you superstitious: No
What would you die before doing: Letting myself or Winny get taken away again
Do you have any strong political views: Not yet
Are you satisfied with the current government: Any government that uses people as lab rats, rips them from their lives and homes, and uses them as weapons deserves to be taken down.
What do you think of death and the afterlife: There must be one. I know a girl who walks through it.
What do you think of war: Sometimes it’s inevitable but innocent people shouldn’t be thrown in as decoys and weapons
Could you personally kill someone if it meant saving others: Yes
Have you ever: Yes

Personal Information
Do you snore: No
Do you have any secrets: Yes
Do you have any phobias: Yes
If so, what are they: Being taken again and not having control
How do you deal with physical pain: I cancel it out
Have you ever been seriously injured: Yes
How do you cope with the deaths of people you know: I never had to
Have you ever killed anyone: Yes
If so, why and how: This question is borderline sadistic but I killed them because I wanted revenge and it felt good. I did it a number of ways. I boiled their blood, froze their blood, stopped their hearts, constricted their throats, exploded every one of their cells, stopped their lungs….it was…living.
Have you ever seen anyone die: Yes
What happened: I killed them
What do you live for: I want to find a place where I’m home, where Winny will feel safe.
What keeps you going: Survival, Winny, search for comfort
Can you speak more than one language: No
Do you have any bad habits: I used to.
Are you typically willing to help people who ask you for it: It depends on the person and what they want.
What is your speaking style: strong, confident, definitive, soft but deep tone and moderate speed so my words are clear and I don’t have to repeat myself or be questioned.
What are your insecurities: None
Do you have any quirks or eccentricities: I like peaches and using orange peels as fresheners around my room.
Do you have any special natural abilities: I don’t know what is considered natural to what isn’t anymore.
Do you have any combat training: No. If they were stupid enough to teach me that, I would have escaped Avia years ago.
What is the best compliment you could receive: I don’t know….
If the entire world only had one night left, what would you do and who would you spend your last hours with: I’d be with Winny, trying to make her happy one last time. She’s been through enough bad. We would spend it up high, somewhere away from everyone, or maybe a place where she could run around and I could mess with some plants.
If you could know anything, what would it be: Did my parents regret giving me away.
If you could learn to do anything, even if its impossible, what would it be: I want to learn how to fly
If you could have one magic power, what would it be and why: There’s no such thing as magic.
If you got on wish, without wishing for more wishes, what would you wish for: For Winny to finally feel free.

Self Image and Personality
Are you a social person or do you prefer solitude: Solitude
How would you describe your personality: Aloof, observant, occasionally critical and analyzing, confident, strong, selfish, wary, stubborn, patient, somewhat hostile, private, insensitive, ruthless, arrogant, vain, vengeful, focused/disciplined, self-reliant, strong-willed
Are you an optimist, an idealist, a realist or a pessimist: A little realist mixed with a pessimist
Are you creative: Yes but I’m limited
Do you like to take risks: No
Are you usually an honest person: Yes
How would you describe your personal hygiene: Good. I’m clean and presentable.
Would others agree: Winny does
Do you think you dress well: I dress comfortably
Would others agree: I don’t care
Are you sentimental: No
Are you openly emotional: No
Are you a hard worker: I could be
Are you a leader or follower: Neither and I’m happy playing neutral
Are you confident: Yes
Are you easily embarrassed: No
Are you introverted or extroverted: Introverted
Are you a stressed person: No
Are you very proud: Yes
How do you think other people see you: They see me as a threat. They don’t trust me and I don’t trust them.
What things do others say are your weaknesses: Winny, my inability to ask for help, my distrust, my grudges
What do others say are your strengths: My confidence, focus, and control.
Do people generally like or dislike you: Dislike
What do you think are your best qualities: Control and patience
What do you think are your worst qualities: Anger
Is there anything you would like to change about yourself: Yes, for my ability to not affect my lifespan.
Overall, are you happy with yourself: Yes

Interests and Likes
What is your favorite food: Peaches
What is your favorite drink: Banana slurpees
What is your favorite color: Teal
What is your favorite animal: Snakes
What is your favorite book: Anatomy Textbook
What is your favorite film/movie: I don’t have any.
What is your favorite music genre: Metal
What is your favorite childhood story: I don’t have one.
What is your favorite weather: Windy days where leaves blow about.
What is your favorite season: Fall
What s your dream holiday/vacation: Alone, in the middle of nowhere, with tons of peaches and pillows and where Winny can prance all she likes. Maybe we’d do one of those picnics she keeps talking about.
Do you like to travel or stay in one place: Travel
Do you prefer the beach or the mountains: Mountains
Would you rather have a full life of adventure or an eventful life: Uneventful life. We’ve had all the adventure we can handle.
What is your favorite holiday: I don’t like holidays.
What is your favorite flower: That’s Winny’s thing. Not mine.
What is your favorite sport: I don’t have one.
Do you like sports: No
What is your favorite curse word: I don’t have one.
Do you prefer the city or the country: Country.
Do you prefer baths or showers: I like them equally
What is your biggest pet peeve: Nosy people
Are you disgusted by anything: No
Are you squeamish: No
Regardless of skill, do you like, dancing, singing, drawing, or anything else: None of the above
Do you enjoy art: No
What would be the perfect day: A Ryker free day out in the woods, far away from civilization
Do you have any hobbies: I like rocks so I collect unique ones
What do you enjoy doing most: Watching Winny

Recent Past
When did you last feel happy: That last question made me happy. It made me think of how odd Winny can be,
When did you last feel sad: I can’t remember. I don’t know..maybe when I was five or six and first got to Avia or maybe before then.
When did you last feel angry: Before I came in to do this interview. Ryker can’t keep his nose out of people’s business. He’s probably outside listening right now.
When did you last feel guilty: I don’t feel guilt.
When was the last time you cried: Again, maybe when I was a kid.
When did you last see your family: We went over this, I have no family
When did you last do someone a favor: I’m doing this interview as a favor for Winny.
When did you last confess something to someone: I don’t know. I don’t remember having to confess anything.
When was the last time you were sick: I don’t get sick.
Who is the last personal you spoke to: Winny, naturally.
What was the last dream you can remember: I don’t dream either but if I did, it would have been killing those scientists.

Right Now
What is your current mood: I’m content.
Where are you: Uh, across from you, in a rather uncomfortable chair.
What color are your nails/toenails: They’re not colored.
What are your goals for this year: Don’t kill Winny’s friends
Do you have any pets: No
What is your current health: Optimal health. No injuries to worry about.
What is the nearest book to you: There isn’t one.
Are you wanted for any crimes: No
How many weapons are currently on your person: Zero

That’s it. You’re free to go.

© 2014 Maura D.

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