Birds of Avia Collection

First Impression Series: Ryker

  1. Ani and Ryker: A Meeting Of The Minds
  2. Adaline and Ryker: Friends in Low Places
  3. Marlon and Ryker: Ready To Fly
  4. Vivika and Ryker: Broken Bird
  5. Ben and Ryker: Bringing Down the Giant
  6. Tucker and Ryker: Magpie’s Treasure
  7. Winny and Ryker: Ruffled Feathers


Pieces by Character

  1. Tucker
    Blood Birds
    Winning Justice By A Tuckered Hand
    Discovering Innocence
    The Hangover
    Family First
    The Sacrifice
    Breaking Point
  2. Winny
    Silence is Golden
    Ruffled Feathers
    Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    Family First
    Avian Aftershocks
  3. Ryker
    Magpie’s Treasure
    Ruffled Feathers
    Bringing Down the Giant
    Broken Bird
    Ready To Fly
  4. Adaline
    Friends in Low Places
    Legal Changes
    ‘Tis the Season, Part 1
  5. Ani
    A Meeting Of The Minds
    Plans for the Fourth
    A Dog’s Life
  6. Vivika
    Blackbird’s Lament
    Broken Bird
  7. Marlon
    Ready To Fly
    ‘Tis the Season, Part 2
  8. Benjamin
    Hearts of Gold