About Us

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of other blogs on WordPress alone, so what’s this one about?

A Writer’s Alibi — A.W.A. for short — was created as a platform for Maura to get her name out, build a steady following, and hone her craft while not so secretly working on her first novel. It wasn’t long before A.W.A. turned into nothing more than a place for her and her best friend/writer-in-crime to share their creativity with the world. And so, M.J. was enlisted as a co-contributor.

A.W.A. encompasses both fiction (predominantly urban fantasy) and reflective, non-fiction posts. The rating for the blog falls under PG-13 with an occasional PG-17. Anything that would be deemed too raunchy or explicit will have a warning at the top of the post. At A.W.A, you can expect to find short works about drama, adventure, mystery, romance, mythology, folklore, the supernatural, and the occasional opinions of Maura and M.J.


Disclaimer: The contents of A Writer’s Alibi are copyrighted. All characters, stories, and short works you read are original creations of M.J. and Maura. Any resemblance to fictional or nonfictional persons, places, or events are completely coincidental. Pictures used do not belong to either Maura or M.J. Should you see a picture and know where it originated from, along with the artist’s or photographer’s name, please comment with the link so the art can be properly cited.

The authors ask that you do no reproduce any of the blog’s content without permission. For permission, please use the contact form below: