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They didn’t arrive fast enough. Their failure was evident in the darkened red smears along the wall that led to the aftermath of the slaughter. There was a traitor in the midst, but by the time they received word of the traitor’s plan, it was too late. The traitor had wiped out the coven’s guardians, one by one. Or, from the way the bodies were gathered just at the back of the room, all together in one show of force. Power wasn’t the goal. That would have called for them to be there rather than away from the manor. No, the traitor wanted to leave a calling card.

The coven filed out into the night to watch their manor burn. They’d honor their fallen by answering the call in kind. Blood for blood. Truce be damned.

© Maura D., marsreine.wordpress.com, 2019
Prompt Source: tehuti‘s 100 Writing Prompts

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