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Cover: Maura D. via Photos by Jeremy Bishop and Tom Quandt on Unsplash

“Push it and see what happens.”

Marcus looked up from his crouched position so Sybil could see how against the idea he was. “That would a be a B&E.” It was one of the last things he thought he’d be defining for a former cursed cat, and yet, there he was. “Breaking and entering. Ever heard of it before you upset the wrong person?”

Sybil bounced in place before shaking her head like she was trying to shake a bug out of her hair. It figured that she wouldn’t. The girl, if she really was one, knew enough to guide him to the kid he was looking for, but nothing about the single law he knew existed whenever she got cursed. “It’s this.”

“Pushing on a window?” Her cat like smile made him shake his head. “I know what it is, silly, but you still have to do it.”

Great, he thought, his palm already pressed against the window pane. It felt warm under his touch. He attributed that to the unobstructed view the sun got of it. The sun, much like him however, didn’t get to see much of the inside. The window was fogged up. Maybe it was by design. Maybe it was thanks to two different temperatures meeting. Or, he thought as he checked to make sure they weren’t being watched, it was by magic. Someone was in there, and whoever it was didn’t want people to see.

With a sigh, Marcus rocked back on his heels and plopped down. “Are you sure?”

“As sure as I am that you owe me.” Sybil practically sang.

He partly hated her for it, but she was right. There were a few times when he thought she was a red herring his own curse placed in his life. She guided him from one place to another. All of which turned out to be one dead end after another, and somehow, here they were. The Tyler kid Kenna told him about was right there. Somewhere.

Sybil’s face suddenly filled his vision. Marcus leaned back enough so he could breathe without smelling tuna. A remnant of her years as a cat, or so he happily told himself. She remained bent over him, her face upside down to him, a knowing grin waiting expectantly.

“Yeah, yeah…” he grumbled. They had a law to break. What was one more law in the grand scheme of things? He was a random teenager creeping around the basement window of a nice enough house. Nothing too weird about it at all.

He kept telling himself that as he broke down and pushed.

There was a large part of him that thought it was stupid to think a window would push inward. Something just felt wrong about it, and stupid. But the small part that doubted felt triumphant when he was done leaning into the now open window.

“I knew it.” Sybil bounced down into a crouch next to him. “Now enter.”

As much as I wanted to argue, and I really did, I was kind of excited. This was a real lead. Tyler and whatever fairy that was attached to him were inside. Somewhere. There was just one problem. “Uh, Sybil?”


“I’m too big. You have to go.”

“That doesn’t sound like a question.”

I sighed. Why must everyone I have to deal with be so annoying. “Sybil?” She was already smiling at me. I ignored it because, honestly, I was too close to something real to fight her. “Could you please wiggle through the window, find the door, turn off any alarm, and let me in?”

A rasp like mew was her response. I passed her the collar turned bracelet and watched as the magic took hold. The air shimmered and bent in a way only magic could before it blurred and I was left staring at a small feline with golden eyes and hair. She took her time stretching. My bet was to get used to being in her cat skin again.

Normally, I’d try to sympathize with her, but I needed her to hurry up. We couldn’t stay outside forever. Correction, I couldn’t stay outside forever.

Sybil eventually slipped in, and after a few near nail biting minutes, she was running up to me in human form. Naked.

“Sybil.” I hissed, spinning around. “What happened to your clothes?”

“I hated them so I got rid of them. Now, come on.” She put her hand in mine and dragged me behind her. I was thankful for it since I couldn’t risk looking up from her bare feet. A naked girl was now leading a teenage boy into a house. That definitely wasn’t more suspicious than said boy creeping around a basement window.

My mind ran on my sister and I groaned. I could practically hear her snickering at my luck. I finally got a girl naked, and I wanted nothing to do with her. “When we get inside, can you please put your clothes back on?”

“What’s in it for me?” She fired back.

“Whatever,” I mumbled.

“Oooh,” she cooed, “I like whatever.”

We thankfully crossed the threshold of the backdoor by the time she was done enjoying my torment. I just hoped whoever Tyler was would be worth it.

© Maura D., marsreine.wordpress.com, 2019
Prompt Source: tehuti‘s 100 Writing Prompts

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