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Original Prompt: You’re stuck inside, and it’s the last place you want to be.
April Prompt Challenge via TheWriterSphere

Try new things, they said. Get out of your comfort zone, they said. Meet someone you’d usually say no to, they said. Clearly they didn’t watch enough true crime to know how terrible they were at being friends. I suppose I can’t put all the blame on them. I was the one who agreed to the blind date in the first place.

It was a blind one, all right. My friends took care of the whole thing, which, in retrospect was even more absurd than following their advice in the first place. Live and learn, I guess.

I stopped my pity party of one to check on the other person in the room. I could call him my date, but that would imply I actually wanted this. I didn’t. With the way he was lounging though, I wondered if he did.

Unlike me, he stretched himself out on the floor. His head bopped in time with whatever he was selfishly listening to. The thought of ripping his headphones out crossed my mildly annoyed mind a few times. Honestly, I’m rather proud of myself for not acting on it, especially since he looked so comfortable laying there with his fingers laced under his head.

As if he knew how annoying he was, his toes started tapping the air too!

“Are you kidding me?” I was talking to myself. Great.

Getting up, I tried my cell again. No signal. Double great. I tried swiping the key card a few more times in hopes something changed in the last five minutes. It didn’t. I growled at it anyway.

“Chill out, babe. It’s a date room for a reason.”

I focused my glare on the door handle instead of turning around for him to see my new level of frustration. “Sorry if I’m not experienced like you.” Snapping back probably gave my little secret away in the end, but it felt good. He squashed it though with that oddly understanding chuckle of his.

“I’m here because of the same bull your friends probably told you.”

What does he know? My glare did let up some as I contemplated it. “Are you just going to sit on whatever it is?”

He laughed again. “I thought I’d give you the chance to add to the conversation. My bad.” I heard him moving. It wasn’t much, so I guessed he was still on his side of the room, just not stretched out like a broom. “Stop me if my story sounds different.”

I nodded. I still had hope the door would unlock if I stared at it. So, I stared and he talked.

“Your friends told you about this great place they heard about, but it’s exclusive. Only couples can go. And, it’s by recommendation.”

He paused. I assumed it was for some sort of confirmation and mumbled, “yeah”.

“They started asking about your non-existent love life-”

“I have a love life.” I looked at him for that one and boy did I want to kick myself. He sat with his back against the wall, smiling like some kid who got a B+ on his spelling test. I walked into a trap. Now he knew that I knew. He didn’t stop though.

“They got you to agree to a blind date. You figured, why not? You get to check out some exclusive hot spot and have someone to talk to. Two birds, one stone. Am I right?”

Against my better judgment, ruled by stubbornness and rebellion, I said yes.

“Then you were led here, told you could leave at any time, and now we’re both stuck.”

Again, right.

“At least dinner was nice.” He looked over to the table we abandoned after we both realized the last time we saw anyone come into the room was when the waiter brought our dessert. “There’s an easy way to get out, you know.

“And how’s that, Aladdin? Your magic lamp?”

“Sadly, I left it at home.” We stared at each other for a while after that. Him still annoyingly comfortable, and me, sulking like a grumpy cat. “It’s the same way you’d break any curse.”

Please, don’t say it. I closed my eyes and pressed my palms together in prayer. Maybe whoever was up there would help me out. Instead, I had to hear him say it.

“A kiss.”

I cracked one eye open. He wasn’t smiling anymore. That much was nice, except, if he wasn’t laughing around like before, then maybe he was right. “I hate my friends,” I grumbled, resuming my praying.

What he said next made me half sigh, half groan. “I don’t.”

Thankfully, there was a distinct click of a key card opening a door. I sprung to my feet as easily as an uncoordinated girl could and thanked whoever answered my prayer, only to frown. It wasn’t a door opening. It was a small rectangular peeping window. And who was there? Our friends to remind us that we had another hour of date night.

Did I mention that I hate my friends?

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