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“I need some bandages. For my arms.”

Mona looked up from the nurse stitching her own bloody arm and smiled at the familiar face in the crowded room. As if the other girl felt Mona’s eyes, she looked Mona’s way. Their eyes locked and soon enough the girl was scooting around nurses and doctors to get to Mona’s bedside.

“Couldn’t stop following my tail, huh?” Mona asked once the grinning red-head was close enough. “So much for hoping the great Maisie would avenge me.”

Knowing a possible hit was coming, Mona leaned over, which only earned her a stern reminder from the nurse. “Sorry,” she mumbled. She cast a heatless glare Maisie’s way as she righted herself. The fight wouldn’t end because a few of them were down. “Ho-“

“They took out Val and Asia.”

Mona nodded along. She expected more to come but when she looked up, Maisie was already gone. “Silent as air, that one.” Mona searched the beds till she saw the red-hair. If the boys were able to send someone like Maisie to the medic tent then they had someone on their team equally as good, or, if possible, better.

Mona looked down at the nurse. The stitch work was almost done. By her count, it would only be a few more pass throughs with the needle and then her twitching fingers could be back in the fray of things. They’d lose the battle, she could feel it, but the war was far from over. Winter wasn’t a friend to either side, which meant the girls had till spring to strengthen their final wave of attack. Then, and only then, would they be able to go home.

© Maura D.,, 2017
Prompt Source: tehuti‘s 100 Writing Prompts