Have you ever done something that you thought would be fun or just interesting? Maybe you were bored. Or maybe you had nothing better to do. Or maybe, like me, it was a dangerous combination of the two. But, I bet, the devil never asked you to play with life itself. At first, it was like the kiddie board game. You know the game. The one where you pick your job, your spouse, and whether you’ll live in a hovel or a mansion. Well I got picked, and not voluntarily. I’m not some satanic worshipper. God. Heaven. Hell. Angels. It’s all bullshit. Sure, I thought something had to be real. You have to as a sane person. But I didn’t believe in the load of crap people spew every day so they could condemn people or hide behind. People are just people.

Anyway, I’m getting lost here. Guess that’s what time–no–that’s what the absence of time will do. I have no idea what day it is. Or even if it’s day…..


I need to focus.

I need to stay awake.




The devil game. That’s it. So how did I end up in some vortex, cave, abyss of darkness thing? A stupid box, in the stupid ground, that I should have left alone. Nothing good is ever buried, especially at a construction site. Yup. This all started with a box and a note that said, “Call me.” No number though. Just a warning that said it’s “Phase One.” That should have been when I stopped. Guess there’s this saying that the devil has work for idle hands. Maybe if I knew about it, I would have left the box where it was or tossed it. Then again, I don’t–I didn’t believe in that crap so maybe I would have still done something stupid. I really should have stopped when I saw the red corner of the note. But I was bored with nothing better to do.

Inspired by this weeks prompt from The Writer’s Digest, Note Found at a Construction Site, found here. Go check out the comments for some good reads!

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