There are a few things that may help any reader when it comes to #70 in my 100 Sentence Prompts challenge, “Collecting Lies”.

  1. The premise for the piece is structured around characters that M.J. and I have been working with for well over three years now. Both are my original creations and are very dear to me.
  2. Asmita, as stated, is Pride. She has a twin brother of sorts who personifies Vanity.
  3. Cole is just the name of the shell that the minor sin, Lies, has been tossed into. His real name is Derius. Now the title should make a lot more sense to you.
  4.  The piece was inspired by a sentence from the prompts. That sentence was: Would you believe me if I said yes?

Of course, there is a lot more that you don’t know but I like mystery. I hope you enjoyed. Farewell, my alibies.