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“It was so easy the first time I did this.” Gabrielle lifted her face to the moon, a weary smile at her lips. “To fall was nothing compared to the greater good that I found a renewed faith in, but the picture that I saw was incomplete. Or, perhaps, it was the picture meant for me…”

“Blah, blah, barf.” Derius stopped cleaning the dirt from under his nails long enough to remind the women that he was an unwilling listener. “Can we skip the omniscient angel bit? My mortal body is allergic to so much holy bullshit.”

Eloa snickered from her chair. Of the three, she was the only one who wanted to talk — a desire she didn’t hide from Derius or their newly revealed mother. “Ignore him.” She cut her gaze from his sulking to settle firmly on Gabriele. “He doesn’t understand an opportunity when he sees it.”

Derius tossed his hands up in defeat, a near permanent scowl brewing. Their mission was a hellish one, literally and figuratively. Their conniving God of Hell spat them out on the mortal realm, stripped them of their sinful glory, and abandoned them in mortal husks that did nothing but slow them down. In the beginning, Derius and Eloa thought they were hunting down a vessel for Hell, but it was only part of the plan.

Still curious about what made Gabrielle so important, he only feigned disinterest as she started talking about the Fall again. It was a story they all knew, but the one she told was different. Catching Eloa’s small sneer, Derius realized the stories weren’t to fend off their boredom. Before them was the one being in existence that knew the depths of their God.

“We deserve a treat.” His sudden interruption garnered curious looks from both women, but it wasn’t enough to dull his renewed sense of purpose. “Ice-cream?”

After a few minutes of back and forth about flavors, Derius left with a pleased smirk. He and Eloa were shells of their true selves but even as mortals, they were still sins. Betrayal and deceit were in their veins, churning at their very core, and with Gabrielle as their pregnant charge, they had a chance to shake Hell.

© Maura D., marsreine.wordpress.com, 2017
Prompt Source: tehuti‘s 100 Writing Prompts