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January Challenge Day 2: A Dog’s Life

(Find the challenge here. Note: We know we’re behind but all that matters is that you stay committed.)

“Ani! Are you listening?”

The phone, trapped between her ear and her shoulder, was almost forgotten as she read the note from her fiancé. It was the tenth time she read it since she found it and it still made her smile.

I’m being kid napped by my dad and, believe it or not, Tucker. I couldn’t wake you but I wanted to ask once more, will you marry me? I know I already know what you’ll say. I still want to hear you say it when I get back. Wait for me.


Ani hummed in response to keep her friend talking but they both knew she was a lost cause.

“Sorry?” She placed the note down long enough to pour another cup of coffee. “Service sucks in this area. Say it again.”


“It’s really really bad. Calls drop all the time.” Switching the phone from one shoulder to the next, Ani looked around for a headset. “Ads, I don’t want a white cake or a cream cake. I want a blue cake.” Ani spoke as clearly as she could while she sifted through the drawers for a spare headset. Finding none, she tried to think of a place she could have left one. She was midway through her mental checklist when the doorbell rang.

“Hold on,” she sighed into the phone, “someone keeps ringing the bell….No I can’t ignore it. It could be a package….I don’t know what it is. It wasn’t me this time….Okay, hold on for real this time.”

Expecting a delivery, she opened the door with a smile. “How can I—Adaline!” She gaped at her phone then back at Adaline as if the call summoned her.

“Took you long enough,” Adaline teased with a full grin. Ani watched her put her phone away with a mix of surprise and confusion.


“Orders from your bossy fiancé.” Adaline stepped aside with another pleased grin, revealing the limousine behind her. “I am supposed to whisk you away for a luxurious spa day in that big thing.”

Ani’s eyes widened as they moved from one end of the limousine to the other. “But–”

“How did this happen? Staged.“ Adaline hooked her arm with Ani’s and whirled them around so that they switched places. “Ryker planned the whole thing. He said you deserve to be treated to a real spa, which I take offense to. Our spa days are amazing.”

“I know,” Ani giggled.

“Good.” Adaline pushed a jacket into Ani’s arms, spun her around, and gave her a small push. “Today you get to be a pampered pooch.“