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January Challenge Day 1: Hangover

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A steady stream of voices broke through Tucker’s fragile grip on sleep. As much as he wanted to tell them to quiet down, he didn’t have it in him to move. He couldn’t tell the kids to stop being kids and he couldn’t bring himself to yell either. 

Pulling the covers up, he groaned at his own stupidity only to cringe as the sound echoed in his already aching head. Knowing he had to drink something, he tried to will himself to do more than lay around. He cursed the names of the others who landed him in the situation in the first place as he worked on opening his eyes. Ryker, Ani, and Adaline conned him into proving his theory that his power over his body prevented the after effects of alcohol. The others weren’t far behind with their cheering. And he felt perfectly fine but that was only from what he could remember. 

Tucker forced himself to sit up despite the heavy pressure against his skull. The light didn’t help either but the window was too far for him to bother. He rubbed his eyes as he laid back, sleep clawing at him. Alcohol proved to be his weakness after all.