It hit me. I haven’t finished the 100 Sentence Prompt Challenge and it’s been over a year in the making. I broke a few promises along the way too. They were more so to and for myself but a broken promise is still a broken promise no matter who it’s geared towards.

I can’t expect to learn more about myself and my writing if I don’t actually write.

Yes there is school but I’m not the only writer who goes to school. Nor is it a good enough excuse when there are writers who really struggling to get by in life but still find the time to get words onto a paper. Whether it be a physical one or a electronic one, words are being strung together into sentence after sentence till there is a paragraph of productivity. I don’t have that.

Maybe it’s my inability to take the prompts as relaxing. I can find time to do other writing. I write with M.J. all the time. But then again, even that has its waning periods. When did writing become taxing? It involves thinking, sure, but when did creative thinking turn into something so exhausting? I find myself actually rationalizing not writing as me taking a break. That it would be too much in my already mentally exhausted state. That shouldn’t be an excuse. Not to me.

So where did it go wrong?

Right now I’m looking into more freeing options. I want to write. It feels good when I can release my imagination or play with some old characters, or even get to know new ones. I miss that eagerness and relaxing time I used to have.

I hope I can find it again and I can get back to churning out stories and background sketches and breadcrumb series. All good things need time. Guess I just need to be patient and take mine.

Take care my wonderful Alibis. And thank you to the ones that haven’t given up on me or this site.

Till next time,


© 2016 Maura D.