1. Where the hell is the Contacts icon?!
    You would think I could find this since I have an iPad but no such luck. I stared at my phone for three minutes before thinking to press the Phone icon and getting to my contacts that way. Such was my first fail.
  2. Crap. My games won’t transfer my data.
    There are just some games that respect the line between Android and Apple. I so happen to play those type of games. I’ve ended up playing the games on my old, service-less Android. I won’t let Apple ruin my fun!
  3. Why isn’t anyone at Apple as private and shifty as me?
    I like to hide things on my phone for those just in case moments of anyone using it or getting into it. I use app lockers and organizers. I like having the home screen and then my apps in the menu where you can’t see them. You see what I want you to see! But nooo, not with Apple. They’re all for transparency.I’ve been told I could put them in a folder but it’s just not the same…Although, I’m very close to putting them all in one folder and putting it at the bottom in the bar and TADA, I’ve created a menu!
  4. Seriously? I can only put 4 icons in the bar?
    My Android could handle 6. This is ridiculous.
  5. *attempts knock-code* Why won’t yo-Damn it! There’s no knock-code.
    Okay, okay. The whole fingerprint to open is actually cool but I miss my knock-code still. Sue me.
  6. How the hell do I get back!? 
    Please, someone, I need to know why there is no back button. I used that button for everything on my Android. Keyboard still up and you’re done? Hit the back button. Want to exit the current app and return to the one you had open before it? Back button time! Just want to go back? BACK BUTTON! I need one!
  7. Sooo I can’t go back or get an options/menu button…Great.
    There are a few apps I opened and glared angrily at because I wanted to add an account or try to sync again but, oh yea, there’s no damn option or in-app menu button. Google has been my iPhone manual. Speaking of…
  8. This needs a damn manual.
    Who gives such a deceptively complicated phone to people without a manual? All you iPhone users need to admit this one. You’ve all googled at least one question and the answer was not from Apple itself. It’s so irritating to have to google everything because Apple couldn’t afford to put in a manual.
  9. There’s a switch for sound?!
    Imagine you finally got around the system and set your old wonderful ringtone and text tone only for neither sound to play when you get texts and calls. Now imagine me glaring at my phone again. I went to good ol’ Google, typed in “My iPhone won’t ring” and this lovely article popped up telling me about some side switch that controls it. Not volume keys…a switch…WHO WOULD KNOW THAT? Not this novice. I seriously need a manual here.
  10. These icons are so ugly…
    Yup. I said it.
    I felt crushed all over again….but I found a way to get some things I want. It took an hour or so but I did it. Take that Apple!
  12. …I can’t turn off that damn Swoosh sound…or any other random sounds?
    What kind of bogus plus is that? I just want my text tone and ringtone, not to hear that fact my message sent. Let me customize my sound experience! Not all of us need to hear a ding to feel good that we sent something off. You can keep your Swoosh.
  13. Crap…Apple Accessories Required
    I’m an Android girl. I have back-up chargers everywhere. I no longer have an Android to support…Now I need to pollute my place with iPhone things. More money to Apple. Just great.
  14. I’m officially Apple Synced
    Crazy, right? I have a MacBook, an Ipad, and now the phone. I’m fully synced….which means I get to see my phone calls pop up everywhere. I’m already not looking forward to that or impromptu FaceTimes.
  15. The Settings is so confusing
    I don’t know why but its layout bugs me. I have to go searching all the time. But hey, I did that with the Android so it’s not really any better I guess.
  16. Guess we’ll see….
    It’s mine now so I just have to get used to it. I’m curious to see if a month from now I’ll be writing a less bashing/whining version of this post.


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