It finally happened. I am a brand new i-phone owner and user. For my Team Android camp, here’s how it went…

For the past few months my LG G3 decided it was going to torture me by (1) overheating and (2) shutting off when I either least expected it or when I needed the phone the most — like for gps in a whole new world. Naturally I did what any patient phone user would do, I called T-Mobile….our courtship went on for what seemed like a week till finally they shipped a replacement to me. I didn’t think it would do anything but they were sooo sure. Why so pessimistic? Well, let me tell you…

Cue flashback ripples…

I had an LG before I got the G3 — I think it was the Optimus — and this crazy thing kept happening. I bet you can’t guess it. I’ll give you a second and ramble on about nothing while you think. I like saying balloon. It’s a fun word. So, did you come up with anything? You probably didn’t. Thinking requires too much energy. Anyway, the problem was a terrible battery life and DING DING DING it randomly shut off. Therefore, from my experience and some asking around, LGs all succumb to the same shutting off problem.

…end flashback.

Now you see why another LG just wasn’t going to cut it. I’ll spare you the flashback about my Samsung experience and just tell you from my continued experience with the Galaxy line, they freeze and the keyboard starts acting up. That scratches Samsun off the possibility list, and I don’t trust anyone else, which left the inevitable switch to the iPhone.

Believe me, I don’t like Apple or their phone but it was the best for me and my sanity. I made sure to get the highest memory because I know all about how they steal your memory and I prefer to be safe than sorry.

We’ll see how this goes. On a plus side, you can look forward to a post all about my thoughts on the switch so far.


P.S. MJ hisses at me for the switch. Some friend, right? Sheesh.


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