Dropping the family name went easier than expected. A few lies here, a few forged papers there, and she was reborn as Lacey Bryner the average girl from Hackney. Nobody outside the world of money she grew up in questioned her or her smile as she worked her way through doors on her own ambition. The Wolter name took doors off hinges for her, but she didn’t want to be like her sisters. She didn’t want that ease.


Her head snapped up. Jane stood there, foot tapping and two coffees in hand.

“Are you daydreaming? Again? Do you ever pay attention to this place?”

“I am very observant and fairly good at multi-tasking.” Lacey took the offered coffee with a shrug. “However, Mr. Pearson requested that someone cross-reference the list of RSVPs with the those invited.”

“And it had to be you? Ever the overachiever.”

“I was the only ‘someone’ available-“

“Yet again. Why is it always you?”

Lacey saved the new list and set it to the printer after e-mailing it to her boss. “To be available you have to be here. Taking personal coffee runs don’t count.”

Jane pouted but she trailed Lacey to the printers. “I can do both.”

“Nobody here cares if you say you can. Show them and you’ll surprise yourself.”

Smiling at her freshly printed list, Lacey turned to Jane. Her own advice echoed in her head. It was the same motto that guided her everyday. There were a few well made façades to help along the way, but she’d show everyone including her family that she could make it on her own merit and ambition. She didn’t need to be a Wolter to succeed.

Author Note

The sentence that drove me (and took me ages to write) was: Lacey Katerina Bryner-Wolter is an deceptive 17-year-old student film assistant who wants to be recognized as her own person.

It’s not exactly what I wanted, or what I expected, but this is the trial run to a later decision she makes for her life. Hope you enjoy!

© 2016 Maura D.