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First off, if you haven’t read it yet, here’s a link to “Forever, and Ever.”


Written Thoughts Companion Series
Behind “Forever, and Ever”.


I tend to go for darker pieces. And what’s not darker or heavier in nature usually ends up as a post that highlights one of my many characters, but “Forever, and Ever” is different. It has a darkness that comes with death but it’s not easy to wallow in because of the lightness of the friendship between the main character and Hanna.

Let me begin like I always do, and walk you down my creative path from the beginning.

The urge to write came to me while I was washing the dishes. I thought about my personified wind piece and wanted to do another element. Naturally I came up with rain, thus the first line of, “It’s wet”. I was going to have someone describe rain to another. I dabbled with the who would be telling it to whom. Maybe human to human, maybe a vampire to an ailing child. I wasn’t sure yet. Then I sat down and started typing.

Line after line was a surprise. I didn’t know what was going to happen till I got to the end with tears in my own eyes. I didn’t give the main character a gender and I don’t intend to. Death affects us all. It doesn’t care who or what we are. In a way, it’s pure in its pursuit of our lives. As such, it really doesn’t matter what the main character is. What I wanted to preserve was the friendship and the toll death and disease has on us.

I’m sure the song I had looped in the background helped tie it all together for me. Try listening to A Thousand Years Part 2 by Christina Perri feat Steve Kazee while rereading “Forever, and Ever” and see if you don’t get misty yourself.

Till next time, hold tight to the ones around you.

Take care my wonderful Alibis.,
Maura D.


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