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Honestly, I’m not good at these sorts of things. Reflections I mean. It is easy for me now to just write something up and post it. I just have trouble talking candidly about all of the awesome things Maura and I have been doing here. And I’m not nearly as nice or as eloquent as she is when she starts reflecting.

Maybe I shouldn’t even call this a reflection. More of my own version of Maura’s call to arms but I’ll get to that in a moment.

At first, I was not thrilled that I had been talked into joining this crazy site. My stories were mine and I do not share well. But that was only half the problem. Like most writers, I never enjoyed sharing my work and putting out there where people could judge it. It isn’t easy and I’m honestly rather proud of how far I’ve come and how far Maura has come.

This whole thing terrified me. Just like you don’t know the two of us, we do not know you. You are usernames on a screen and you all worried me. A post didn’t pass by without me worrying if someone would like it or if it was a bad as I thought (there are very few posts of mine that I actually like).

But you all surprised me, over and over again. With my 100 Creatures challenge, I got to see what people liked and where I could get some work. I even opened it up to my family members who pushed this blog onto their co-workers. Maura and I know our regulars, we have seen your usernames far too many times for you to really be strangers to us anymore, and you know full well who you are. We appreciate you all and the fact you stick around even when it takes us months to post.

Even so, we want to hear more from you. We see your likes and your visits but now we want your voices. With every post we’ve put up, we’ve shared a part of our imagination with you. It isn’t an easy landscape to navigate, sometimes I don’t even know where my mind is going, and I don’t know how you guys can’t have some questions about anything. I reread what comments we do get over and over again, especially when I need a pick-me-up cause I’m feeling rather down on my writing.

This blog was started as a place to just put out our insane thoughts and stories, show you the characters that we’ve developed for years and those we’ve been working on new. If you think we won’t read the comments, you’re wrong. Give us your thoughts and feelings. Hell, give me your critiques. I’ll never grow as a writer if there isn’t someone to tell me where I’m going wrong or if something doesn’t make sense. Go back to your favorite posts of ours and let us know what you liked about it.

My alibi has shifted from being all about me to trying to give you all something you’ll like. You have become of the Alibi we’ve created here and we’d like to hear more from you.

…That actually came easier once I just let my fingers go. Maura should be rather proud I made it through with minimal snark. Anywho, think about this for me and maybe just pop in to say hi once in awhile. Anything.