Whether you’re a follower, a regular visitor, or just a newcomer, you have probably stumbled on something you like here at A Writer’s Alibi. Maybe it’s the 100 Creature Challenge or a piece of it. Or maybe you like the Behind The Veil and Written Thoughts posts we do on the background noise of certain posts. Whatever it is that made you want to read more, we want to hear about it!

Let us know what YOU want to read or just see more of.

If you want more insider information on us as writers or how we come up with our ideas, tell us! We appreciate every reader, and we want to better cater this corner of the Internet for you. 

We have a tendency to do darker fiction, but if you ask for it, we can bring you lighter content as well. Or, on the off chance you just want darker, we can go that route too. At the end of the day, helping you also helps us. You get to read something you requested and was made for you, while we get the practice and another happy reader.

This is a call to arms, or rather, a call to comment. Tell us what you want something new or something more. Let you voice be heard (yes, even written, it is a voice) and together we will make A Writer’s Alibi bigger, better, and louder than ever before.

So what are you waiting for? Comment already!

If you like a character, tell us. If you want a “What If” scenario or alternate ending, tell us. If you just want us to use your name somehow, that’s cool too. You just have to tell us. The only really big no-go is illegal content (obviously) and pure history or political. But we can make something work if you want some history or politics tossed in. We’re just that fun.

It’s not often you can change things so easily, so why not jump at the chance? Comment below and let us hear your voice.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Oh…one last thing…you have till March 1. 

Ok, now go!!