Well, I did it. I hit 65.

It was a barely 400 words and it felt like utter hell but I did it, and it’s posted, and it’s out of my hands. Did I mention I hate it?

Hate is an extremely strong word, but I mean it. I can’t stand 65 (the post in-case you didn’t know). It wasn’t how I wanted that sentence prompt to go at all. The problem is, I promised nothing but raw posts. No editing, no redos, no scrapping. As badly as I wanted to toss the thing aside, I couldn’t.

So there you have it. My flop and my honest opinion about it. There’s not even a thought process behind it. No metaphors or hidden meanings. It’s that dry. Guess we all get to suffer with this one.

If you read it, thank you for the time. If you didn’t, I won’t hold it against you.