Safe Word

As you may know by now, M.J. and I do alot of plotting together. It doesn’t happen nearly as often as we would like but that’s probably what makes it so much fun when it finally happens.

A few days ago we got lucky. Our schedules somehow aligned and there was no stopping the phone call. We talked about a few different things (mostly what-if scenarios and actual life problems) and then we landed on our favorite topic: Drikku.

If you don’t know who that is go up to our search bar and type it in. But crash course: Drikku is the relationship name of Dreu and Rikku. They’re fictional characters, Dreu being mine and Rikku being M.J.’s, and we are proudly obsessed with them. They’ve been in our lives for close to nine years. They’ve grown so much and there’s the kids and so much more. But let me stop myself there. If I don’t, I’ll never stop gushing about them (not that Dreu would mind)

Okay. Back in track my wonderful Alibis.

Somehow M.J. and I started to compare all our characters on who was kinky and how much so. Well we got onto Drikku and we both agreed: Drikku would welcome kinky like an old friend. They probably had handcuffs in random drawers, and they liked blindfolds, so they would be open to experimenting with more.

But they’d need a safe word.

That took us some time to figure out….mainly because I had to convince M.J. it wouldn’t take us a whole day to come up with one. It was Drikku after all. How hard could it be? So she relented and we began the great plotting process.

“I don’t see Dreu shouting fruit names.” I said. “What would he yell? Zucchini? Apple?”

M.J. agreed that wasn’t happening so fruits got scratched. We couldn’t think of an object either. I did think of using the name of the girl Rikku hated but Dreu yelling another girl’s name just sounded like a gut punch, literally.

“What if she did something he didn’t like and he started yelling out countries?” I proposed mid-laugh. “Imagine it: he would go, ‘Shit, Red! Italy! Russia! Germany! Switzerland!’ and he would be trying to escape whatever it was.”

All I heard on the other end was M.J. laughing as I described his poor state. Then finally she breathed and said, “He named the Axis Powers.”

“He couldn’t think straight.”

“I was thinking of Switzerland too. Very neutral.”

“That’s it! They’re safe word is Switzerland.”

Now we burst out laughing every time we hear the word. It’s just one of those great insider moments, and I thought I’d share it.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our world. Take care my Alibis.

© 2016 Maura D.