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For the first time since she had arrived in this dingy city, Echo truly worried that her cover would be blown. Sipping her drink, she forced her eyes away from the threat just as his gaze roamed over the area where she was. There was no way he’d recognize her; she had her hair dyed an obnoxiously bright blonde for the job and was wearing green contacts. Her own sister had had trouble recognizing her at a glance; there was no possible way that he would know who she was just from a glance.

“Well I didn’t expect to see you here.” His smooth voice broke her thoughts and she had to mentally remind herself not to react. Luvin lived for reactions and just because she decided that he was more interesting alive then dead did not mean she’d let him ruin this for her. “Shouldn’t you be at home? Today is some big human holiday right?”

“I’m sorry,” she set down her fruity monstrosity of a drink and blinked up at him in confusion. There were too many ears for her to deal with this right now and if he blew her cover, it was her head on the line. As it was, his smirk told her that he wasn’t buying it in the least. “You must have me mistaken for someone else.”

Echo had barely made it to the edge of the dance floor before a hand landed on her hip and spun her around. Her eyes narrowed up at Luvin but she couldn’t fight him off the same way she would have normally. “Let me go.”

“You don’t really want that,” his voice was velvety smooth and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. This ass was putting out his pheromones. Not directly towards her but enough that anyone around them would think that he was. She stared at him for a moment before her lips curved into a lazy smile, hoping she looked liked the dazed girls that she’d see fall under a cambion’s influence before.

He led her across the dance floor and into a secluded little area. Once she was sure they were alone, she shoved him away. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing? If you blow my cover, I will kill you.”

“Ah, so that’s why you’re at a demon club on Thanksgiving dressed like that,” he gestured to her dress and her eyes narrowed further. The whole point of the flowing little number was to make her seem more innocent. “It’ll take more than contacts and a new hair color to fool me.”

“It has fooled everyone else,” Echo shot back, crossing her arms. Demons had a thing for corrupting what they perceived as innocent and the more she played that role, the closer she got to her target. “Go away Luvin, I have work to do and I do not have time to be messing around with you.”

“That hurts Echo, and here I thought we were friends.”

“Just because we made a mutual decision to stop beating the shit out of each other does not make us friends.” Besides that, her back still ached whenever she thought about their last fight. The meddling cambion had thrown her against a wall.

“I would call it progress in our relationship,” Luvin gave her a charming smile and she could at least admit to herself that it was progress. When they weren’t trying to kill each other, he was actually fun to be around. “How about as a sign of good faith, how about I help you lure out your target?”

“I would call it…what?” Echo had to run back over what he said in her head a couple of times. Luvin, a demon himself, just offered to help her on a hunt. That was unheard of in her line of work. Sure she had informants, but those were demons that she had to blackmail or beat to get the information she needed. Then there was her Griffin baby but he wasn’t a demon.

“Oh? Have I rendered the great Echo speechless?” His arm landed on the wall just above her head and he leaned in. Immediately, her defenses went up and she shut her jaw with a decisive click of her teeth.

“You wish.”

“You have no idea.”

As quickly as he had invaded her space, he was back out of it and she was left eyeing him warily. There was something about the tone of his voice when he said it that made her wonder what his real motives were. Interesting as he was, she still didn’t quite trust him. “Why? If they find out you’ve helped me, won’t you be dealing with the backlash?”

“That suggests we’re going to get caught,” his smile turned mischievous and Echo found her lips curling into a matching smile despite herself. She could even ignore the lecherous once over he gave her this once and roll her eyes at the arm he offered. “Now I prefer the leather you normally wear but you have the right idea with this innocent little virgin act. I think I’ll enjoy this.”

Sliding her arm into his, she rolled her eyes again and looked at him from underneath her eyelashes. “Enjoy it while you can, it won’t last much longer. The night bouncer is the target; he’s a lower level demon who has been dismembering women on his days off. I’ve already gotten his attention.”

“This is how you spend your Thanksgiving? Chasing down demons who like to tear beautiful women to pieces?”

“Well, normally I spend it with my family but this mission couldn’t wait so I’m sure they’re already in a food coma. Working with you isn’t a bad second I suppose” Her laughter at the surprised look on his face echoed in the hallway and didn’t stop until they stepped back out into the fray.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!