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Ready to Fly

They were supposed to meet here at two o’clock, so where was she? The halls were so still that even an ant would sound obnoxious but he couldn’t hear anything other than his own frustrated sigh. Marlon read the tiny slip of paper again. 2AM, Cutie. He grimaced at the name Adaline forced on him. And despite his disinterest, she did much of the same with herself.

As he crumbled the paper, he remembered how persistent she was the last time she saw him. It wasn’t a surprise visit for once. Those he knew were only for the mastermind behind breaking out of Avia. A mastermind who couldn’t make time to meet him himself.

“I wouldn’t call myself a mastermind, but thanks.”


Marlon turned, expecting the mystery owner of the voice, but when he did he saw both the silver-haired mastermind and Adaline. Both smiled, which bothered him but not as much as the silver-haired one knowing exactly what he thought of him.

“Easy, Marlon. It’s my power.”

“That explains how she keeps moving around so easily, and the cameras.” He glanced up at the camera’s missing red light. “I already told her no though.”

“Then why did you come?”

Marlon looked away. He asked himself the same question at least a dozen times before they showed up. Was it because of her? The plan? A general need to know the full story or the full plan?

“I told her to invite you to meet me but she wasn’t very descriptive in her note. I’m Ryker.”

“What do you want?”

Ryker’s easy smile fell as something different hardened his eyes, causing Marlon to stand straighter. “I want to sink Avia.”

“How? The island is huge.”

Ryker smiled again but it was colder than the first one. “That’s where we need your help.”

Maybe it was the seriousness of Ryker’s eyes that won him over, or the confidence, but without thinking about again on the how, Marlon stuck out his hand and waited till Ryker shook it before matching his smile. “Let’s sink it.”

© 2015 Maura D.

Prompt Source: tehuti‘s 100 Writing Prompts