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Pushing the next document across his desk, Ryan watched his client sign the proper papers without much fanfare. It wasn’t surprising that she didn’t ask any questions since she was one of the people to help draw up the legal documents for the company. She was also one of the last people he expected sign any of these.

“Are you sure about this Ms. White?” He asked for what felt like the hundredth time. To anyone who didn’t know the woman, they would think her quick efficiency was a sign of her drive in the decision. He on the other hand knew her. Her hand shook with each signature and she sat in such a way that her dark hair hid her eyes.

“Can you please stop asking that,” her voice was quiet and when she looked up, Ryan was shocked to see how devastated she looked. The spark that had made her one of his favorite client was gone. She was normally headstrong and outspoken. To see her so subdued made him worry.

“May I ask why you are doing this?” Ryan had wondered since the moment she had asked for the paperwork. “You have an equal controlling interest with Mr. Du-”

“Stop.” She cut him off, grabbing the last paper she needed to sign. “I know what I’m giving up here and how long I’ll be restricted from working in the business. I helped draft the terms.”

Ryan gave her another moment as her voice wavered and pretended he hadn’t noticed the tear drops that smudged the ink on the page that signed over her portion of the company she helped build to her partner.

“I just can’t go to that office anymore.” She murmured, handing him the last pages and wiping her eyes. Whatever had happened between the pair wasn’t his business but he was still their company lawyer and he hated to see her so upset. “And I walked in here thinking I could hand him that personally. Will you mail it? Not right away, I don’t want him fighting with me about it for a couple weeks at least. He’ll be at the office in London, send it there.”

“Of course,” he agreed, handing over his handkerchief. “Anything else?”

She shook her head and stood to leave. At the door, she paused and gave him a watery smile. “It was good working with you Ryan.”

“You too,” he smiled back, stacking the papers. “I’ll miss your spunk at those dreary company meetings Adaline.”

After she was gone, his assistant came into the room and pinned him with an unhappy look. “Shall I make copies of that, Mr. Carmichael?”

“Yes, and keep the copy.” He mused as he glanced over it one last time. His gaze lingered on the portions smudged from tears. “We’ll send Mr. Duford the original in a week or so. Give her the time she needs.”

“Of course.”


I know it is short and not something that really should have take months but it was float around in my head and I didn’t want to forget it. My lack of computer makes it hard for anything to get saved and remembered at the moment but I am working on getting that fixed.