Just kidding. That picture has absolutely nothing to do with me, but it is on my dream board….

    This summer I had the opportunity to do a summer study abroad program in Spain. The program lasted a month, so I don’t have much of an excuse for being M.I.A. for the entirety of the summer other than I was having a blast.

    I got to travel to Paris, Milan, Lisbon, and Dublin. I also stayed in Spain a bit to visit Ávila, Toledo, and Madrid. I didn’t realize I missed traveling so much till I got to do it again.

    The first adventure was Lisbon (Lisboa!!!), Portugal. One smooth drive (full of interesting tales) and six hours later, and I got to see one of my favorite stops of my european adventure. Seriously people, if you can, go to Lisbon. It’s considered the gateway to Europe because it’s at the edge closest to the U.S. rather than inland like France.

    Next out of the country stops were Milan & Paris in a hectic whirlwind of a cheap weekend. We found the best place to stay in Paris on airbnb. Don’t be afraid to use that site when abroad. It’s a great alternative. Just be smart when you’re selecting where you’re staying and who you may be staying with or renting from.

    My absolute favorite stop was Ireland as a whole. I stayed in Dublin but I didn’t let it confine me. I took bus tours all over the place. I got to see so many places and towns. Not to mention some famous LOTR sites, and the library they used for HP (and in one of the Stars…think Star Wars. I really don’t know. Sorry to all those fans!)

    After all the walking and flying around, I just wanted to veg. No work. No reading. No moving. That was my life. I mixed a little Harry Potter World fun at Universal Studios. Then school happened….
    It is not fun or forgiving. During my first year all the second years told me, “Don’t worry. It gets easier.” Well, you know what? They lied. It is not easier. It’s crazier, the insane part is we seem to just adapt to it. Not well I might add. My daily questions are:

    …hmm, should I go to bed before 1am so I can wake up at 6am or do I just go to bed at midnight so I can wake up at 5am? Do I eat or read? I can’t type and feed myself at the same time….what do I do? How early do I need to get up to read everything again? Is it okay to just fail and brag that I flunked out of law school?

It’s really sad….But I’m trying. Even now, as I type this, all I’m thinking about is how much work I could have done if I didn’t feel the need to get back in touch with A.W.A. and all my wonderful alibis. I could have gotten through four cases by now…and the notes section. Oh well. There’s no use whining about it now.

And when I’m not drowning in my readings, I’m participating in a club activity (I’m on e-boards now, which equals more insanity for me) or helping a friend with something or another. Or, I escape and hide in a hole, crying about my lost stress-free life. (Okay, okay, I don’t cry, but I do sometimes wonder why didn’t I stick with Psychology.)

4. Myself
It sounds crazy, but I am my own blocker. I think about the blog then shy away from it. It’s been months and nobody has visited or commented on the blog so I just keep passing it on to another day. Not even M.J. bothers me anymore (-about blog posts. Our on-going rps are fair game to her). Then I open a prompt, stare at it, and close it again. I’ll fantasize about posting but end up reading another case or binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy because I miss the Yang-Meredith-Shepherd-Karev quartet.

But you know what? I’m going to try to get back on track. Hopefully once a month can work. I am making no promises this time around. I just hope that you all have patience and don’t give up on us here at A.W.A. We’ll always come back. We’re a blog based on fiction. Like a phoenix, we’ll rise. And like a good alibi, we’ll never crumble.

Till next time,
Maura D.