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Straight from the Author

(NOTE: this is the companion piece to Watery Beauty. I suggest reading that post first.)

It’s been a while my lovely alibis, and oh how I’ve missed you. Life took off in a whirlwind but I think I’ll delve into that in a different post (one where I can ramble to my heart’s content. For now, let’s keep on the subject at hand: just what provoked me to write about a bunch of mythological mean girls?

Well would you believe me if I told you that wasn’t how this whole thing was supposed to go? No, this whole thing was meant to start very differently.

The sentence prompt was,

I do not like the look of the water in that tub.

My first thought was that the wording felt dated. I could imagine an old-world aristocrat saying it to a servant but I just couldn’t see one of my babies saying it. I tried saying it out loud a few times, in a few different ways, but not even sarcasm made it salvageable. Naturally I did what any reasonable person would, I resigned myself to forcing that sentence to work, which brought me to the real question: who would say it?

Option #1: Jas – I don’t know how many of you remember her. She isn’t one of the more heavily used characters on A.W.A., but she was in M.J.’s piece, “SWC: Whisper.” Jas lives in a postapocalyptic world that’s overrun by alien beasts that forced mankind to hide behind tall walls and “super humans” (but none of that matters here so moving right along). Jas is very very used to tubs and baths so it wasn’t a reach to imagine her staring down at one with a scrunched nose. Now that I think about it more, she probably would have commented on the water’s color because it wasn’t the right shade of purple. Jas deals with dyes more often than not. It wouldn’t be a far stretch that the piece would have centered around her teaching her boyfriend how to make a certain shade and then dye sheets.

Option #2: Marcus – most of you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t somewhat familiar with A.W.A., which means Marcus shouldn’t be a strange name. Marcus has appeared in a string of posts such as “MARCUS: THE FAERIE HUNTER” and “Brewing Marcus“. The plan was to have him going into a spelled bath to get the curse pushed back for a few more years. He was desperate and the old man in charge of the spell was an exiled far to begin with, so why not trust him, right? But you should know happy endings don’t come around that easily here on A.W.A. Poor Marcus would have submerged himself in that foul-smelling water and only after he counted to fifteen and surfaced would he have figured out the old man had fallen over in a laughing fit because the tub was really a wash basin for an ogre friend who dropped by. It probably would have been hilarious but alas, didn’t happen.

Option #3: Two Best Friends or Sisters – it kind of started off that way but it wasn’t what I wanted at all.

The Actual Post – what made me settle on sirens and selkies was actually a few of my older twisted fairytale pieces. I reread a few of them and I realized, I wanted to write about mermaids and how they were made (or at least how one was made). That was what I began typing about. The thing is, I didn’t come out with a mermaid. I came out with a siren, who was nearly just called a sea hag, and selkies, whom up to the very last second were going to be mermaids. I can’t tell you where my thoughts betrayed me on the mermaid idea because I don’t know when the coup happened. One second I had a witch ready to curse a girl and the next I had Mean Girls 3: Mythology Edition.

A Watery Beauty is one of those posts I know I’ll never truly love to go back to, but I am glad it got done and very proud of myself for pushing through the idle block. Sometimes magic happen and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s during those human moments that we have to take we have and grow from it. I still want mermaids though. I don’t know when or how, but I’ll get them in a post.

Till next time,
Maura D’