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Challenge: tehuti’s 100 Sentence Prompts

Prompt: I do not like the look of the water in that tub.

[note: I changed it a bit for flow purposes]


61. Watery Beauty

“I don’t like the look of the water in that tub. ”

“It’s just some bath bombs.” Gwen sniffed the pair in her hands, scrunched her nose, then tossed in the blue and white swirled orb. Putting back the red one, she watched Amira in the mirror. Despite the steady stream of glitter froth that the newest bath bomb caused, Amira continued to stare at the tub as if it was poison. “You could at least say they’re cool.”

“That would require me to like it.” Amira clutched the towel tighter. “Did you have to add another one?”

“Duh. How else would a spa day be fun?”

“With normal bubbles and normal water. And this isn’t a spa day, I told you that already.”

“Then why are you here?” Gwen whirled around and crossed her arms expectantly. Amira fidgeted under the intense gaze, and Gwen lifted her chin higher as she arched a condescending brow.



“I just wanted to-”

“To be pampered?” When Amira’s head bowed deeper, Gwen advanced on her. “You want to be a part of the club, right? You want to be just like me and yet you won’t even do something as easy as take a bubble bath.” Gwen stopped inches in front of Amira to look her over. The girl stood rigid but Gwen could still see the way her shoulders shook every few seconds and how uneven her breathing was. “How about I take this and you get in.”

“What? No!” Amira tried to grip the towel tighter but Gwen was faster. In the second it took to warn Amira, Gwen had already reached out, and with one hand pulled at the towel while she pushed Amira’s shoulder, throwing the girl off-balance and making the steal easier.

Pushing Amira towards the edge, Gwen smiled down at the water. “Get in.”

“I . . . Will I have to do anything else?”

“Depends on if you ever get in. Hurry up, the girls are waiting.”

Gwen waited till Amira nodded before she patted the girls shoulders and took a step back. Amira was a slow start but she eventually got herself in the large tub. “Warm enough?” Amira nodded. “Perfect. Girls, it’s time!”

Amira turned towards Gwen with wide eyes as she sunk under the dingy water. “Please. I . . .I-”

“Tsk, amaiti iru.” Gwen sat at the tub’s edge and smiled down at Amira who clawed at her throat with tears in her eyes. “I like you better as a mute.”

“About time. I thought we’d have to hear her whine all night.”

Gwen glanced over her shoulder at Celia and the rest of the girls before looking back to their latest victim. “No, she’ll be as quiet as a mouse.” While the girls giggled, Gwen started tracing a series of large interlocking circles in the water. “Start the spell.”

Amira’s eyes widened again as they bounced from the girls surrounding the tub and Gwen’s assuring smile.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be like us soon enough, just less pretty, and more like a distant relative.” She took a piece of Amira’s long brown hair between her fingers. It wasn’t the softest but it wasn’t too rough either, and the length was right. “I think you’ll be a decent siren, a little uglier than the others but I’m sure you’ll do your job just fine.”

The water glowed a hazy blue-green as the girls chanted louder. Amira’s head fell back as her mouth opened in a silent scream. Rolling her eyes, Gwen pushed the girl’s head under the water and held her there till both her thrashing and the chanting was done.

“Any chance we killed her?”

“Celia,” Gwen hissed, “she’ll be protecting your part of the Selkie territory. Maybe you should be nice.” A fin flipped up, breaking the surface of the water, then the thinly webbed hands and smooth scaly arms, and finally the new tightly stretched face of Amira. “Sister Amira, welcome to the fold.”