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I am going to rip out my hair if I can’t get a few minutes of peace and quiet. Inhaling a ragged breath, Ani rubbed the back of her neck and sent a small prayer up to anyone that would listen to just calm her child down for five minutes. Faye was an angel most of the time, even with her own budding powers, but today was not one of her best days.

“You promised Mommy! I remember!” Ani glanced down in time to see the beginnings of tears in Faye’s eyes. “You said that because you ruined my Father’s day surprise that you would take me to see the fireworks up close this year!”

“I know honey, mommy just doesn’t feel well. Your baby brother is not being very nice.” Ani tried to explain again, running a hand over her extended stomach. Everything ached with this pregnancy; Faye’s had been much easier in comparison and she did not want to wade through the huge crowds today.

But she had promised after ‘ruining everything’. Honestly, she hadn’t expected that Faye would react so badly when Ryker’s excitement shifted from the painting that she had made for him to the shirt that gave away the baby’s sex. She had kept that tidbit of information as secret as she could and thought it would be adorable to have Faye wear the cute shirt that said all messes made were her brother’s fault.

Alas, she had been wrong to think her daughter would be happy, not when her picture lay all but forgotten on the desk while Ryker gushed about the baby. Ryker of course had fixed the problem before it got too large but it took a promise of the fireworks on the Fourth of July for Faye to stop ignoring her.

“But you promised!” And so began the waterworks. Faye’s wails were not helping the budding headache and for the umpteenth time, she wished that she hadn’t sent Ryker to the store. He could calm this storm in a matter of minutes.

Before she could even begin to try another angle to calm Faye down, the door swung open and Ani’s first instinct was to step between her daughter and whoever threw the front door open so quickly. When she recognized the woman stepping over the threshold, she sighed. “Adaline, I have told you time and time again to knock like a normal human.”

“Ah, but I am anything but normal my dear Ani. Now where is the little monster?” Adaline pretended to look around, knowing full well were Faye was still crying. “Is that…crying I hear? Ani! What have you done to my little fairy?!”

As Adaline moved around her to scoop Faye up, Ani couldn’t stop the smile and left the door open. If Adaline was here, Marlon wasn’t too far behind. She didn’t know why they decided to come by but if it brought some level of peace then she wouldn’t even question it.

“Oh no! That is horrible; I can’t believe she’s being so mean.”

Then again, Adaline wasn’t exactly quiet.

“Ryker didn’t tell you we were stopping by, did he?” Ani didn’t even bother to get up as Marlon walked in. The pair was practically family, they didn’t need all the standing and greeting like other guests did.

“No, but I’m thankful you did. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could have held out.” She gestured towards Faye and Adaline with her hand. Adaline had set her daughter on the counter and was in the process of cheering her right back up. It was adorable the way that Adaline acted around children and couldn’t wait until her friend had little ones of her own. “He’s out shopping by the way; I sent him with a grocery list.”

Marlon nodded and found a spot on the couch just in time for Faye to notice him and scramble down to run over. Ani opened her mouth to reprimand her for jumping on him but a sly look from Adaline stopped that. She was plotting something and apparently this had something to do with whatever her plan was.

“So, Auntie Ada says you have wind powers.” Faye was acting sweet, overly so, and it set off alarm bells in Ani’s mind. What exactly had they concocted? Whatever it was, Marlon seemed inclined to play along for the moment.

“I do.”

“She also says that the roof is the best place to see fireworks.”

“Mhmm.” Marlon glanced up at Adaline the same time Ani did. No doubt he was having the same thoughts she was about the whole thing. She was torn between being thankful for Adaline’s quick thinking or worried that she planned on taking her five year old onto the roof.

“Do you think that you could help us get up there?” The words came out rushed, almost too fast for any of them to catch it and was paired with the most pitiful kicked puppy look that Ani had ever seen her daughter make. Fireworks seemed more important to Faye than she had realized.

“I’m not sure,” anyone could see that Marlon was just taunting the girl by dragging it out, but he glanced in Ada’s direction and raised his brow, “I think I could manage that.”

The accompanying squeal made all of the adults flinch but it was a better sound than the wails that had followed. Faye hugged Marlon with all her might before jumping down and making a mad dash to her room.

“You’re taking her onto the roof.” Her gaze met Adaline’s and narrowed slightly at the devious look she received in return.

“It was the only way to get her to stop crying and you look like you could use a break,” Adaline explained, moving around the kitchen to get a glass of water. To her surprise, it was not for Adaline but was instead for her.

“But you can’t see the fireworks very well from here.” That was the only kink in the well laid out plan. The fireworks that Faye was so keen on seeing wouldn’t be all that big at all.

In response, her friend held up one hand and electricity crackled around her finely manicured nails. “All I need is the boom from the actual fireworks and I can make bigger ones for her. If they aren’t loud enough, Marlon can add a little more bang.” Marlon’s nod was all she needed to know that her friends still had her back.

“…You two are lifesavers…”

“Correction; we’re the best aunt and uncle in the world as of today.”


Happy Fourth of July!!!!

Now, I know it’s another post with the birds from Avia but I’ve got quite a few posts for them done and I can’t help it…they’re fun to write. Maura said I wasn’t overdoing it with all of them but it still feels like it sometimes.