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Straight from the Author

(NOTE: this is the companion piece to The Trouble With Wolves. I suggest reading that post first.)

The sentence that triggered this little family packed post was a lot easier to mold than the last one. If you’ve been around long enough, or if you’ve been nosy enough, you’ve noticed the Wolfs are a favorite of mine. They have a special place in both my and M.J.’s hearts.

Drikku (as we’ve come to refer to the Dreu and Rikku) are our first official “off-spring” as co-writers/roleplayers. Rikku was created to be a rebellious youth in a high school full of obnoxiously rich refined pure-bloods with too much time and money on their hands (for all other reasons you have to bug M.J.). Dreu was created to be a companion, with the potential for more, for another character entirely (after much begging on the other person’s part). Drikku was never meant to be more than two characters within the same world, but one day they got the chance to meet (forever known as the Apple-Muffin Incident) and it’s been Drikku ever since, with kids and all.

First it was Armin, our little oddball with dark hair like his grandmother and blue eyes like his mother. Then came the twins, Gisela and Emmaline. They were a product of random what-if plotting (and Drikku’s inability to keep their hands off of each other) but well worth it. Unlike Armin, the girls resemble their parents. They have Dreu’s natural blonde hair and Rikku’s blue eyes, not to mention traits and hobbies of both parents. And there MAY be a fourth in the works thanks to more what-if plotting, face-claim surfing, and our desire to give Rikku a blue-eyed, red-head just like her. It would be a boy, named Francis, and incredibly spoiled but it’s a maybe.

Now that you have a little background information, you can handle my contained excitement as I gush over why I picked the Wolf Pack for sentence prompt 60.

It all started when I read the sentence, “What kind of party is it, exactly?” I struggled to pin it for the first few minutes, wondering if I wanted to do something new or if I wanted to enjoy another one of my babies. But every time I thought about it, I came back to parents so the next step was figuring out which parent. There was Loli (Leora and Oleander), but I just didn’t see them using that sentence. Then I thought of Beca (Belladonna and Case), but I had a feeling their little Lantana would be plenty trustworthy and in no need for that kind of question. Then it hit me, why not Drikku? Both would say it and both would have fun with it. After that it was a toss up of which parent would get to make the kids squirm. Though, to be honest, Dreu was bound to win since he is my creation and I am horrible at writing Rikku in large portions or as a main character.

Dreu has a habit of making his kids work for what they want, which includes convincing him to approve. It’s one of the reason each one of them will turn into master manipulators, especially Emma. But other than my obsession with Dreu, I wanted to play with the family dynamic. I wanted to see the kids try to handle their own against their father and all his intimidating ways. And none of them disappointed me. Out of them all, Armin and his lip nibbling was my favorite. It really is a habit he inherited from his mother and I doubt he’ll lose it. Emma is the known momma’s girl so it was no surprise that she could step up more than the others. And Gisela is a proud daddy’s girl, which helped and hindered her.

But through it all, they are the Wolf Pack, trouble and all. I can guarantee you that those kids did cause or end some trouble, the same way I can guarantee that Drikku got rid of their own. It’s just who they are.