Challenge: tehuti’s 100 Sentence Prompts

Prompt: What kind of party are we talking about, exactly?e.


60. The Trouble with Wolves

Dreu watched as his children tried not to fidget under his controlled gaze. His eldest, Armin, expertly avoided eye contact while Gisela and Emma met his fatherly disagreement head on. Gisela swayed a little from nerves, but she didn’t waiver, and neither did Emma. “Well?” He pressed, dropping his gaze long enough for them to think of something other than pleas and for him to flip the pancakes.

“It’s a post examination party.” Gisela said timidly. “The whole class is invited.”

“Armin is not in your class.” Dreu lifted his gaze momentarily to check on their fidgeting. Armin had yet to meet his eye, but the boy stopped chewing his lip, a habit he no doubt picked up from his mother.

“Well…” Gisela started, drawing his intimidating attention off of her brother. “It is more of a school thing.”

“Is it your class or is it the school, Armin?”

Armin looked up from the dog bed in the corner, to the wall, and finally met Dreu’s gaze. “Everybody can go.”

“But each class sticks to itself.” Emma moved forward but not before bumping Armin. “It’s at the beach, outside in full view, where we can always leave.”

“Stop torturing them.” Rikku walked in on their talk, effectively cutting Dreu’s chance at countering off. Armin, Gisela, and Emma spun around to face their mother with relieved smiles, while Dreu smirked and returned to fixing breakfast. For her to turn up, she had to be up to something.

“I do not torture my children.”

“No? Then why are you staring them down even though you already plan on saying yes?” Rikku pat Armin’s shoulder as she passed between him and Emma. “Go. I’ll talk to the Warden.”

The three shared a look with each other then scattered out of sight, but not far from ear shot, something both parents were well aware of. Dreu watched the corner where the three of them disappeared around and sighed. “I thought I had parental rights this weekend.”

“You do.” Rikku slid into the open bar stool and placed her laced fingers on the counter. “But I have the veto rights whenever a Warden appears.”

“I am nothing like Mother.”

“I think she’d be proud of her little Demi.”

Dreu looked up in time to catch her none too innocent smile, and peeking from around the corner behind her, he also saw three triumphant grins. They were impossible, them and their tricky, red-headed mother. “I think my family has planned a coup.”

Smiling, Rikku raised herself far enough off the seat to lean in. “Come on, Wolf. Do you really plan to give up a sure night alone?”

He slid a plate of pancakes in front of her, pushing her back into her seat. “What do you have in mind?”

“Remember that letter Lydia got last week?”

“Perhaps…” He eyed the corner warily and dropped his voice, “What does she know?”

“You’ll have to give on the party to find out.” Rikku shrugged as she ripped off a piece of pancake. “Or you can huff and puff and get nothing.”

Although she backed him into a corner, Dreu smiled, matching her own mischievous one. “Be home before sunrise.” He called out to the kids, his gaze never leaving hers. “And be sure to stay out of too much trouble.” He waited till the sound of high-fives and excited whispers were done before leaning over towards Rikku. “You too.”

“Wolf, we are trouble.”