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Straight from the Author

(NOTE: this is the companion piece to A Moment of Weakness. I suggest reading that post first.)

The prompt was harder than I expected to work with. Granted, I didn’t devote the right amount of time to really handling it nor was it my usual frame of mind, but I wanted to get it done. I didn’t want A.W.A. sitting here like another abandoned blog. It wouldn’t be right to our followers, it wouldn’t be right to M.J., and it wouldn’t be right to my dreams.

I’ve looked at the sentence prompt for months with no luck. Yesterday was different though. Perhaps it was because it was after my second-to-last exam, or perhaps the right inspiration finally struck me, but I started typing and it felt “glorious” (one of M.J.’s most used words).

Why is it so short?

Because I gave myself a challenge. I told myself, “You get three songs. When the third one finishes, you’re done.” And so I did it. I let the songs guide me as I typed and when the last one ended I lifted my fingers off the keyboard.

“A Moment of Weakness” also serves as my kiddie pool. I’m re-learning my craft after so much time away from it. I just hope I don’t disappoint myself in the process. I hope you’ll enjoy the blurb of a prompt, and don’t worry. The next post shall be longer.