By the time he turned his head, it was gone. “I don’t see anything.” Turning back to her, he realized it was a lie. The only thing that was “over there” was a column, nothing of interest, which was different from the jewelry box that used to be on the table. “Give it back, Tess.”

“Give what back?”

“The locket.”

Tess pursed her lips. Tilting her head, she bounced her eyes around in thought, but when they landed on him she straightened up. “Nope, don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Nathan shook his head. She was an insane mess of confusion. One moment they got along, and the next she grated his nerves. “Just give it back.”

“If I did have whatever you’re upset about, why can’t I just keep it?”

Tess traced the edge of her plate. Her mouth sunk to a dramatic pout as she did. Between the extra sighs and the teary eyes, Nathan could only sigh. He dropped his head to the table with a thud and grumbled. “Fine.”

A pleased squeal was her reply. Sighing again, Nathan rolled his head so that his cheek was against the cool table and he could watch Tessa bounce off to her friends. Every time. He watched them fawn over the locket a little longer before he forced himself to stop. He was short a locket, and if he didn’t get a replacement, he’d be short of peaceful family time too if his parents found out what happened to his sister’s graduation gift. “I hate the mall,” he grumbled to himself. Nathan pushed his hands into his pockets and hurried off. He could get something in three hours. All he had to do was avoid his weakness.

© Maura D.,, 2015
Prompt Source: tehuti‘s 100 Writing Prompts