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Character Development Challenge

Wren Ridere, Age 18

Prompt: What animal to do you equate to your character?


Gnawing on the end of her pen, Wren was so absorbed into the silly magazine that she completely missed her door opening. It wasn’t until the magazine was snatched from her hand that she even realized there was another person in the room, one who didn’t much appreciate her focus on the article she was reading.

“I didn’t peg you for the type to read this garbage,” Cani glanced over the page and she could see the confusion and annoyance morph into amusement. She hadn’t even gotten to explain yet and he was already preparing his mockery. “What is your inner Animal?”

“Don’t.” The warning was all she gave him as she tried to snatch the magazine back. It wasn’t hers and Dreyla was rather attached to her reading materials. He had the advantage of standing over her and the magazine remained just out of reach. “I’m humoring Dreyla.”

“The buffoon wanted you to take this inane quiz in a gossip magazine?”


“Idiot.” She wasn’t sure if he was calling her or Dreyla an idiot but she really didn’t care either way. The magazine dropped back into her lap and Cani made himself at home in the armchair not far from her own chair. It was her room, not his home or lab, and yet he still acted like he owned the place. His attitude made the idea of smacking him with a rolled of magazine like one would a naughty puppy very tempting.

Gather up the magazine, she smoothed out the page she had been reading before returning to her task. Unlike before, she couldn’t put all of her attention back into it since she had a guest who was intent on bothering her. “What are you even doing here? I thought you hated coming here.”

“I was bored and Aunt Scaley left with her lover for the afternoon.” Wren peeked over the edge of her magazine to watch him as he started looking the actual books she had on the table. When their gazes met, she snorted in amusement. “And I don’t hate coming here. I hate how clingy the buffoon is.”

“Dreyla is…Dreyla.” There was no other way that Wren could think of to explain the woman who took her in. She was an eccentric little thing but she had a big heart. After some time, that heart eventually included the ass a few feet away that had finally chosen a book to read.

“And she is a buffoon.”

Wren rolled her eyes and grumbled under her breath. He wasn’t going to change his mind about it any time soon and she wanted to finish this stupid quiz before he said anything about it.

A silence fell between them as they both read their chosen materials for a few minutes. Wren was only a few more questions away from finishing the thing when he decided to put in his two cents again.

“You do realize that the quiz is pointless right? We already know what animal you’re going to get.” Cani’s voice gave away his smirk and she failed to hide her twitch.

“If you say turtle, I’m going to hit you.”


Since I couldn’t decide on an animal, I made this instead. It’s not what I wanted to post but I’ve had some one harassing me for more Wren.