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“You assholes,” Krystal’s clenched her fists tightly at her sides as she glared at the three men on her couch, “You left me.”

Not only had they left her at home like some meek housewife but then they went and got themselves hurt. Dimitrov had a poorly wrapped arm, his bow arm if she was right, Darenth was covered in cuts and bruises, but her eyes lingered on Mirko the longest. She didn’t need to be able to see his wounds to know where they were. She’d known the moment that he got them, had been feeling the ache and pains as her own for hours now.

That’s what happened when her mate was injured like that. Their very souls were entwined and he should have known that she’d find out that they had gone out beyond the city. If not from her own friends within the ranks then the second he was attacked by the monsters out there. He’d promised that they’d work as a team, that he wouldn’t leave her behind on things like this and yet here they were.

It only turned her worry into more anger, hiding how hurt she felt. She expected this kind of thing from her brother, even Dimitrov to a point, but not from Mirko.

“Krys, it was orders from up top.” Her gaze shifted towards Darenth and her glare only narrowed. More excuses; it was always excuses with him. Ever since their father died he’d been making excuses to keep her locked away from the dangers outside the city. “We were on a rescue mission and you’re still healing from the last one.”

“Oh I forgot,” she hissed and crossed her arms angrily; “a nearly healed ankle makes me completely useless.”

“It’s not that at all,” Dimitrov interrupted, stopping what was going to turn into yet another argument between the siblings. “You aren’t useless but we were there when Doc told you to wait until it completely healed. We didn’t want you to do permanent damage.”

“I know how far I can go.”

“You would have pushed yourself to save them.” Mirko’s quiet observation brought her unhappiness back to him. He was a rock, just as he always was, and at that moment she wanted to yell and scream at him for remaining so calm. “You know you would have.”

As much as she would have liked to argue that point, she couldn’t. Sometimes, he knew her better than she knew herself. That didn’t help though. Holding up a hand to stop their explanations any further, and sinking her teeth into her lip to keep from yelling at them, she walked away.

But as much as she would have liked to just leave them there so she could vent her anger away from the three sources, she couldn’t. All three of them were family and they were all hurt. She cared too much to just let them sit there without making sure they were cleaned up properly. In no way, shape or form, did she trust the field medics to do a thorough job. Not when they had all of the rescued to check on too.

Krystal returned to the room after grabbing her kit and extra bandages from the closet. Thankfully none of them said anything while she set up the things she needed, or when she pulled up another chair. But when she motioned for Dimitrov to come over, he hesitated and shared a look with both his brother and hers.

“Shouldn’t you look at Mirko first?” From the odd looks she was receiving, that’s what they must have expected she’d do.

“I can feel his,” her words were sharp and she motioned him forward again, this time he didn’t hesitate and she started unwrapping the bandages on his arm, “so I know where they are, how bad they are, and what I’ll need to do. But I can’t say the same for you and Darenth so I need to check you two first.”

“But you—“

“I’ve been dealing with the pain for hours now; I can wait a bit longer.” That was enough to stop anymore arguments from any of them. Dimitrov’s arm was the worst of his injuries; torn up by the claws of one of the monsters. But one of the perks of being a superhuman was that he would heal faster than a normal one, like her, would. Once that and his other minor wounds were cleaned, she started wrapping it up with clean bandages. “That will hurt like a bitch for the next few days but if you keep it clean and don’t do anything stupid; you should be able to use your bow before the week is out.”

“Thank you.” Nodding in response to his thanks, she shooed him off. Since she and Mirko had become aware of their bond, Darenth had cleared out some of the rooms for him and Dimitrov. If Dimitrov wasn’t heading to his room, he was probably going to check on Adelaide.

Her brother was next. Darenth was far more dramatic than her last patient. He hissed and whined and really just acted like a small child. If she wasn’t so irritated, it might have worked to break the tension. But it didn’t and she just ignored his attempts for small talk.

With the other two gone, she was faced with the object of most of her concern. A part of her felt guilty for making him wait while she patched up the other two but it was also relieved that the other two were gone. Now at the very least they were alone and didn’t have eavesdroppers.

“Take it off.” The command was met with a raised eyebrow and she didn’t even flinch. Instead she just motioned to his shirt and waited patiently. But even though she had felt his injuries, she wasn’t quite prepared for the zig zagged marks.

Sucking in a shocked breath, she tried to keep herself as calm as possible. Her anger was fading again, giving way to all the emotions she had bottled up so that he could focus while out in the field, and that wasn’t going to help her with fixing him up.


“Harpies, they were surrounding Dimitrov. Darenth was teleporting the men to safety.” He answered without a second thought. It explained both his and his brother’s wounds, and why Darenth got away with only minor injuries in comparison.

Not knowing what else to say, she just focused on the task at hand. They weren’t deep but the way they crossed over one another made it a painful process for them both. After minutes of silence, Krystal sighed and looked up at him.

“You scared me.”

Not knowing where he was, what was going on, or why she had been left in the dark put her on edge. She had barely been able to do anything but pace and worry since she noticed the changes through their bond. Feeling the first injuries only made it so much worse.

“Is that why you’re still upset?” It was so like him to be so frank that Krystal found herself shaking her head and smiling weakly. Their bond gave him a free pass to everything about her and he still asked questions like that.

“Part of it,” she nodded, wincing for him while she stitched one of the deeper wounds. “You promised you wouldn’t leave me like that, especially not without telling me first.” To hell with the points about her ankle and causing permanent damage, she wouldn’t have been so angry if they just kept her in the loop.

“We had a small window of time.” And deep down, she knew that was true. Rescue missions were always high risk to begin with. That many humans, super or not, in one area drew out more monsters. Things had to be done quickly for there to be any chance at all. “But I will try to tell you if it ever happens again.”

Even though she had just cleaned and wrapped him up like a mummy, she didn’t fight him when he pulled her into him. He was home, in relatively one piece, and even her irritation couldn’t hold out against what comfort her offered. It soothed the lingering worries she held onto.

“…It better not happen again. You’ll be in the doghouse longer than you are for this fiasco…” She murmured, pulling away to kiss his cheek and pack up her stuff.

“Doghouse?” His shock was adorable and she tried not to smile at the utter confusion that floated across their soul bond. “Krystal? What do you mean by doghouse?”