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Challenge: tehuti’s 100 Sentence Prompts

Prompt: Run, lady, run!


56. Man Hunt

“Run, lady, run!” The twins giggled as they waved their chubby little arms above their heads.

“She has a name you know.” Leaning forward, I placed an elbow on my bent leg and propped my chin on the back of my hand. “It’s Valentina.” I looked over at the twins to see if they were listening. If they were, they played it off better than usual. Sighing for the tenth time in a minute, I switched back to watching the hologem.

I almost missed being the twins’ age. Being six sucked a lot less than being fifteen. They got to still believe the world was an adventure waiting to happen, that evolution chose us because we’re special, and that life was simple. I watched Valentina a little longer before getting up. It may have been the twins’ first Man Hunt, but it wasn’t mine. There were only two ways the test ended: either Valentina would reach the weapons, find her targets before they found her, and complete the Cleansing, or she’d fail in some way or another and the Legacies would finish. It was always the same. Pass or fail, the ones marked as the Sins of Man died.

Some of the men on the screen were no older than me. Not that I cared. They were no different than their forefathers who raped, killed, and stole from whoever they pleased. If it wasn’t for the first Mother we’d still be under the rule of men. Children would be molested and sold, mothers would be battered and raped. Things had to change. And so it did.

I held up my new badge. The synthetic light bounced off of its edges, causing a slight haze of a glow. It had been over two hundred years since the first Mother nearly wiped out men, but enforcers were still necessary to monitor all males, from newborn to adulthood. Their numbers had to be controlled to ensure the prosperity and virtue of women and the society our ancestors sacrificed themselves for.

Tucking the badge back into my pocket, I tried to shake off the politics. That wouldn’t be my job. I got to be an enforcer. Which meant one day I’d be picking who went into the Man Hunt. One day, I’d help ensure our safety.