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Challenge: tehuti’s 100 Sentence Prompts

Prompt: It was as if the cat just appeared out of nowhere.


55. Discovering Innocence


It was as if the cat just appeared out of nowhere. Tucker eyed the little thing as it stumbled around the corner and down the street out of sight. Winny sent him out to pick up what she claimed were essentials for the next girl’s night. The list was short but annoying since he knew Adaline was the one who put it together. A few necessities like toilet paper or shampoo were essentials. Annual CD mixes and nail polish were not, which was something Winny knew and understood well when sending him out for anything.

Despite knowing he was merely the pawn, he went anyway, and halfway through the list, he was distracted by the dazed feline. The daily stream of people didn’t notice it hugging the buildings as it made its way down the block. They didn’t see it struggle to keep going or shy away from larger crowds. Everyone ignored it, except him.

He shifted the bags to his other hand and followed after it. The way it walked made him wonder if it had been hit recently. There weren’t any visible wounds but he knew what it was like to have internal ones. People brushed by his shoulders as he focused on finding the cat again.

The world had a tendency to forget the smaller creatures that lived around them if there was nobody to speak up. It was how he ended up abandoned, mistreated, and ultimately another codename on Avia: Tucker Hayes, codename Magpie. He was the threat too unique to dispose of. Too special for the government and their secret sadistic nature to ignore. They acquired him and did what they could to break him.

Tucker rounded another corner and scowled. He didn’t break, but the creatures without  the strength to carry on did. He kneeled next to the fallen feline. It had lost its battle long before he noticed it. To take away its suffering would have been an insult. It had a purpose. Tucker stared down at it in thought. What kind of motivation spurred the little thing on? Why go through so much pain?

Hearing a soft squeak, he got up. Another sound came soon after in his silence. It wasn’t a squeak per se but it was small and it was searching for something. He followed the familiar sound to a broken down box and paused. Kittens. The one thing that kept the feline moving was the need to get back to her kittens.

Thinking Winny wouldn’t mind, he traded the bags for a box full of kittens and made his way back. Face masks weren’t essentials. A chance at life and survival however, were.