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Challenge: tehuti’s 100 Sentence Prompts

Prompt: I already told you why I can’t make it to breakfast with you.


53. Under The Influence

“I already told you why I can’t make it to breakfast with you….”

Marc glanced up from his slide. The person was across the room but in a room full of scientists, there wasn’t much noise or bustling to cover what sounded like the beginning of a break up. He slid the slide under the microscope and nodded. Not an air bubble in sight. It was the perfect specimen.

“Always attached to something, aren’t you?” A hand landed on his shoulder and he resisted the urge to touch it. He had hoped she would return. Her hand slid down to his arm before leaving him wanting for more.

The slide lost its appeal. Tuning around on his stool, he looked up at her. “Talia.” Her name felt even better than her touch. Or did it? He contemplated which he preferred as he watched her smile at him and lean over to take a look through the telescope.

His gaze swept over her body a few times as she stood there, her back slightly arched, her hands delicately gripping the knobs. It was all he could see till another hand slapped his back, knocking the wind out of him.

“You shouldn’t be in here,” a harsh familiar voice sounded over Marc’s head, “or toying with him. We have an actual purpose here.”

Once Marc was able to breathe, he look back and up at the none too friendly Kian. Elves were creatures of myth and lore that he often found himself fascinated with as a child, but the stories didn’t prepare him for the likes of Kian. Nor were there stories about undines. Thinking about the mystery of them, he looked back to Talia and unconsciously pouted. She wasn’t bent over anymore. She was looking at Kian and smiling. Feeling his inside boil he narrowed his eyes at Kian.

“You shouldn’t be here. This is my station. I can see anyone here if I like.” Marc felt Talia’s hand slide into place on his shoulder. “HCUI is about acceptance. If you can’t do that then…then…” he paused. Threats? Was he really about to threaten Kian?

“It’s fine,” Talia cut in, “I have plans for him later, Marc. See you later, Elf.”

“Wha-” Marc began only to be cut off by Kian’s brunt, “Don’t come back, Undine.”

Both men watched as Talia waved her fingers over her shoulder. Her hips swayed well till they were out of sight but they played out in Marc’s head. Another whack came to his back, brining on another coughing fit.

“Stop it. Man is pathetic enough without watching you drool over a sex starved water spirit. She’ll drown you quicker than she’ll please you.” Kian gave Marc another good slap on the back before walking away.

Marc sighed between coughs. It was possible she was toying with him. Though he didn’t know much about Undines before working at the institute, he did come to know there were certain types of creatures that used sex and attraction as a means to kill and manipulate others. Undines were among the list of unsavory women but he couldn’t help himself. The whole point of HCUI was to provide a safe haven for creatures who were different of seeking a home of some sort. Talia had to be there for a reason. She couldn’t be all bad. He hoped.