The strangest thing happened today. I got enough free time (and I do mean free) to post. This excited me for roughly thirty seconds before I realized, as much as I want to post, I have nothing to post about. I need a little time to really get into the swing of the Sentence Challenge again. Then there’s free-typing, but I highly doubt that will go over well. Without some semblance of structure, this whole thing will be a never-ending ramble. So, to save us both the headache of that mess I decided to do a blogging Q&A.

Without further ado,

Do you dream? Do you have any recurring dreams/nightmares?

Normally, no. I go to sleep and wake up without any spiritual adventure. But of late, all I dream about is school. My first coherent thought is either a fact pattern, an essay answer, or a detailed analysis of a legal principle. It’s gotten really bad. On the plus side, I’m learning while I sleep. So there’s that to look forward to.

I basically answered the second question. My recurring dream and nightmare is my studies. Lucky me.

Hopefully when school ends I will be able to return to the peaceful abyss of sleep. No dreams, no secret learning, just pure sleep. Sweet heavenly sleep…..Fingers crossed.