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Character Development Challenge

Wren Ridere, Age 17

Prompt: Can you define a turning point in your character’s life?


Dreyla had a big heart; there was no question about it. Wren was positive that people were blind if they didn’t see it. The tiny woman had taken her in and treated her like one of her own children. It was strange but Dreyla was better at being a mother in four days than her own mother was in eight years.

But she was completely and utterly insane sometimes.

Drawing closer to the Sumi, Wren watched warily as the woman bounced around the tiny shop. Literally, the woman was bouncing around like she was child that was too excited to contain it. A large pile of clothing was growing on a chair next to the small dressing room and that was more alarming than the bouncing.

“Is she always like this?” Between the two women who had decided to care for her, Sumi was the calmer one. It was moments like these that she thanked whatever god watching out for her that Sumi was there for her to slink behind. Her eyes widened as Dreyla threw a ruffled monstrosity of a dress onto the pile and she looked up at Sumi. “I will not be caught dead in that.”

“You’ll get used to it.” More than once over the past few days, Sumi had said those very same words but she wasn’t sure; Dreyla was so different from what she was used to. Both of the women were but since she had no idea where she was, she needed the help.

One upside to the differences between the women is that Sumi agreed with her on the dress. Her nose scrunched up at the sight of the dress as well. When Dreyla’s back was turned, the dress was snatched up and returned to the rack. Wren planned on indulging Dreyla’s new found obsession for dress up a little bit but there was a line she wouldn’t cross.

“…Don’t you think you have enough?” Wren ventured another peek at the pile and cringed. She wanted practical clothing, not restricting and something that she’d have to destroy to fight in. When she agreed to this, she had laid out those terms but Dreyla seemed to have forgotten. “I think you grabbed just about everything in the store.”

The question was enough to make the woman stop and take a look at the huge pile. The chair wasn’t even visible underneath all of the clothing anymore. Wren knew that Dreyla could afford it and more but she didn’t want to take advantage of their kindness to that extent. She planned to work off everything that they had done for her.

For such a nice woman, Dreyla was also in a dangerous political position. With all of her training, being a body guard would be easy.

“I guess…” Dreyla murmured before bouncing over the pile. Since the attention had been turned away from finding clothes, Wren hoped that the list of things to try on would be weeded out. But her hope turned to reluctant acceptance as a few items were picked up and shoved into her arms. “My boys never liked doing this with me so I’m a little excited.”

“A little?” If this was only a little excited, then she was scared to know what ‘very excited’ looked like.

“Go try those on!” Tiny hands pushed at her back until she was in the small dressing room and the curtain was pulled shut behind her before she could say anything. “Sumi and I will judge!”

“Joy…” Wren murmured under her breath, looking through her first few choices. This was going to be a long day.