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Friday Song Challenge

Demons by Imagine Dragons


“Case?” Belladonna kept her voice soft and non-threatening as she neared the restrained figure of her husband. She was still a bit fuzzy on the details of why he’d allowed it but she couldn’t let him suffer like this.

It was rare enough for a dhamphir to be close enough to their vampire side for the blindness of a blood lust to take over. All she knew was that it had to have been something concerning her safety. He was too level headed to lose it for anything less than the safety of his family.

The only reply she got was a feral sounding snarl and a pair of red eyes turned on her. They weren’t the pure red that vampires often had when they had lost themselves to their more feral instincts, but it was still a distinct color in the darkness of the room.

Oleander had done all he could but she hated seeing the restraints that chained Case to the wall. She knew that her brother didn’t have much of a choice but she still wished he had found a different way to keep him in place.

“Growling is rude,” she murmured, ignoring the second snarl and stepping closer. Instead, she smiled and let go of the tethers that kept her power restrained. Hopefully he’d instinctually recognize her by scent or power but she couldn’t be completely sure. This was the first time that it had happened since she had met him. “You know me. I am not a threat.”

“Belladonna…” she couldn’t spare a glance over her shoulder but she knew that her brother was seconds from pulling her back out of the room. No one knew how to snap him out of the feral state he was in but she was going to try anyway. The only plan she had though was driving Oleander up a wall. “Don’t get too close.”

“Shut up Oli.” She hissed, moving to block Case’s view of her brother. They may be close friends but Oleander was very much a threatening person. “He won’t hurt me. He’s my charming dhamphir after all.” She returned her complete attention to Case and smiled warmly. “Isn’t that right love?”

Despite her brother’s whispered protests, she slowly made her way closer. The snarling continued and the red that stained his eyes only seemed to swirl. Though she hated the restraints, she left them alone for the moment and cradled his face between her hands.

“Come on back Case.” She murmured quietly, searching his face for any sign that he was hearing her. He was always so expressive, so warm. His eyes were truly the window to his soul but it was also where all of his demons hid. “Come back to me.”

The shadows that her brother manipulated into restraints tightened on his wrists, keeping any chance of even an accidental attack slim. It was difficult to ignore them and how wrong it looked for him to be like this but she only needed a few more moments.

In soft tones, she kept talking to him. She went over everything she could think of; some of her favorite things about him, memories, and brought up how angry Leora was going to be with him for making her worry.

It all seemed to calm him but the red still hadn’t left his eyes. It was improvement but not enough. Not until she had her Case back.

As a last ditch effort, she called forth the barest minimum of magic to chase away the shadow restraints. Her brother’s worry turned from stern orders to near panic and that was only in his tone of voice. Now was not the time to address it though.

Between her Fae strength and his own, she was happily surprised that he didn’t fight much when she pushed him down to his knees. If she let go of him, it was likely that he’d bolt but she only had this last idea left.

Her fingers ran soothingly through his hair, barely scratching his scalp and one arm wrapped around his head and pressed his ear to her stomach. It was only starting to grow but she’d woken up to him trying to listen to their little one once already.

“We’re safe, love, nothing will take us from you.” She hummed, closing her eyes. Even in this state, he was still her rock and she felt relaxed. “It’s going to be a girl. I’m sure of it. I know you keep saying it’s still too early to tell but I can just feel it.”

“I’m also sure that she’s going to take after you more than me.” Belladonna laughed lightly thinking about what it’d be like to have a little girl around. “And we can live in the human realm. The Court won’t push for us to stay, Oli and I have made sure of that. We can escape all of this chaos. I’m excited and you know that Leora is going to be bouncing off a wall.” Especially if it was the dangers of Faerie Courts that brought this onto her gentle man.

His hands gave up their tight grip on her legs, thankfully, and his arms slowly began to curl around her hips. There he was, she mused, continuing the soothing movements of her fingers in his hair and relaxing her hold on him. There wasn’t a chance he’d be attacking anytime soon.

“We’re going to have to think of a name too. We can’t continue to call her it.” The tension slowly ebbed out of the room and with it, her brother reluctantly disappeared. Belladonna knew that he was still worried but Leora needed to be kept in the loop too.

She wasn’t sure how long she stood like that, just waiting for him to calm and come back to his senses. Her plan was not to move until she absolutely had to but that moment came sooner when he started talking and his words were muffled by her arm.

“What was that?” She moved her arm and found her smile widening when he looked up. There wasn’t even a little trace of red in his eyes anymore. They were back to the warm mix of brown and gold.

“It really is too early to tell ma fleur,” his voice was a little raw but was otherwise normal. “And you should have listened to Oleander. I might have hurt you.”

“Call it mother’s intuition if you will; the baby is going to be a girl.” So what if she still had weeks yet before the doctors could tell her that she was right. There was just a nagging sense that kept telling her they were going to have a daughter. “You weren’t going to hurt me or the little one.”

“Is that intuition too?” Amusement laced his tone and she huffed. He didn’t have to tease her about it.

“Yes, yes it was.” They lapsed into a comfortable silence and she returned to running her fingers through his hair. She wanted to know the story behind his state but at the same time, Oleander had told her enough. Whoever it was that threatened their little family got what was coming to them.

“Let’s go home,” she murmured, looking back down at him. The human realm was safer and less stressful. They wouldn’t be able to escape the politics of the Faerie Court for long but at least they did not have to live it day to day anymore. “Let’s just get away and have some time to ourselves.”

There was a moment when their eyes connected that she was sure they were on the same page totally. Yes, their siblings were going to have a fit but they needed to get away. They would understand.

It didn’t take very much time to figure out where they’d go and even less time to gather everything they’d need. She was left in charge of leaving a note for Oleander and Leora while he threw the important things into a bag.

“Lantana.” The word came out of nowhere and Case didn’t elaborate until she looked up from the note in confusion. There weren’t any Lantana plants around so that couldn’t have been it. “For a name, if the baby is a girl.”

Belladonna beamed, trying out the name herself and letting it bounce around in her mind for a bit. “I like it,” it was pretty and simple; like the flower. Not to mention it was the only name that they had been able to think of in the past month that seemed right.

Maybe it was the fact that they were getting away or maybe things just aligned right, but it was like the name fell right into place. Either way, she didn’t particularly care. Another name might come along later that they liked better but for now, Case was back to normal and that’s what was really important.