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WriteWorld Sentence Block

Sentence: “You should give up on him.”


Laughter erupted from the corner of the tavern and Rose couldn’t help but glance over there. It was a night like any others at Bridgette’s Inn and Tavern. The men were drinking, travelers telling grand stories to amuse the women who only saw them as customers passing through, she was taking orders for drink and food, and Jean was conning another poor fellow out of his money.

She could only see part of his face from her angle but she knew that smirk anywhere. He was winning and the poor saps didn’t know that they were about to lose all the extra money they had. She knew without a doubt that his eyes were lit up in amusement and even though he was about to win, the men sitting across from him were having a grand time.

He really did have the prettiest eyes. She mused to herself, watching him laugh as another round of whatever card game they were playing began before forcing her gaze back on the counter she was supposed to be cleaning. Not many people had ever been close enough to him to notice the green that streaked in the brown but she knew it was there.

“…on him…” a voice from beside her pulled her out of her thoughts and she jerked in surprise. Blinking, she turned to face Eleanor and raised an eyebrow. She hadn’t quite heard what the other girl was saying while she was lost in thoughts about a certain con artist.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that?” She smiled sheepishly at Eleanor, bowing her head when the girl huffed and swatted at her with a rag.

“Maybe if you weren’t busy daydreaming about a certain boy then maybe you’d have heard me.” Eleanor’s sly smile was enough to make Rose flush as bright as a tomato. As quickly as it came though, the smile was gone and Eleanor had a strange air of seriousness about her. “But hear me out, Rose. You should give up on him.”

It wasn’t the first time that she had gotten a talk very similar to this but from the other girls. But this was different; Eleanor was one of the few girls in the tavern that she considered a close friend. Eleanor hadn’t even given her a pitying look about it before.


“No Rosaline, you listen.” Eleanor tugged her to the side and she began to get the distinct feeling that this talk had been building for some time and her friend had just been burying all her thoughts. No one ever used her full name unless they were very serious. “You can’t keep doing this to yourself honey. I know you grew up with him but that’s where it stops. Jean Fischer isn’t husband material, even if he does ever man up to ask, and you wouldn’t survive as a wife to a swindler.”

Her eyes narrowed and she yanked her arm from Eleanor’s grasp. The words stung but it wasn’t anything she hadn’t heard before. “You don’t know what I’d survive. It’s not any of your business Eleanor.”

“But it is my business Rose! You’re my friend and you pine after a boy who flirts with anything in a dress, including you, but it is never serious. And you aren’t very good at hiding how you feel either; I’m sure he knows about it and that’s why you’re always his alibi.” Eleanor paused for a moment, as if she knew that she was overstepping a line that shouldn’t be overstepped.

“Stop it.” Rose wasn’t about to shout at Eleanor, no matter how much she felt like doing so. It would only draw a scene that she didn’t want to explain to a huge crowd, but she really didn’t need this talk either.

“I won’t,” the stubbornness that she usually admired in Eleanor was suddenly very irritating and Rose wasn’t quite sure how much she could take right now. “You won’t be young and beautiful forever, Rose. You are already past the normal marrying age. If you want any chance at a family and a normal life, you’ll put Jean behind you and stop chasing away all your suitors.”

“I will do as I please, Eleanor.” It didn’t take very long for the words to come to her but Eleanor looked quite taken aback, regardless of how many times she had said it to the other girls who sent her pitying looks every day. None of them knew Jean like she did. “I’m not going to marry a safe choice just because that is what everyone else would prefer for me. Why can’t anyone understand that?”

“Rose, it’s not that we don’t understand but we just don’t want you to get hurt when he finally decides to run off.” Though it was left unsaid, Rose knew the thought that followed those words; when he ran off with some other girl.

“Then it’d be my fault, now wouldn’t it?” Though she held onto the hope, she had her own doubts about if he felt anything for her. Not enough to make her open to the suitors that came calling but enough to make many of the accusations that Eleanor made hurt more than usual. “Now if you excuse me, you know Bridgette hates when the counter is left unattended for too long.”

It wasn’t as if they had been far from the counter but the excuse was enough to get away. She couldn’t dwell too much on the argument or she wouldn’t be able to work at all. Ignoring Eleanor for the rest of the night was the easy part; the harder part was when the person that had unknowingly caused all the tension sauntered his way over to the counter.

“Rose! My friends are in dire need of something to drink. Do you have any of Bridgette’s special brews about?” There was no hiding from Jean when he wanted something. Eleanor had been closer but for some reason, he came to her side instead.

“You know she always makes an extra batch for you.” She could fake a smile as easily as the next girl, it being a major part of her job, but she couldn’t ignore the pang of hurt when she caught sight of the pity in Eleanor’s eyes. Had it always been there and she just never noticed?

Pushing it aside, she slid the mugs across the counter and focused on Jean. He had what he needed but he still lingered. “Did you want something else?”

“So cold,” he smirked, the corners of his eyes crinkling with his amusement. They only did that when he was teasing someone. “If someone has managed to upset you this early, I’m not sure any of us will survive the night. Will we Ellie?”

“A select few might if they behave for once.” Rose made it a point not to look at the other girl but her lip twitched regardless. It had been a running joke between the regulars and the staff that she’d throw anyone out if they annoyed her enough that had started after she told one regular to throttle a guy outside instead of messing up the bar.

“You two are safe, don’t worry.” It didn’t really matter how upset Eleanor made her, she could never wish ill on her friend. But even if the whole town thought she was a fool for falling for their resident con artist and gambler, she couldn’t give up her feelings just to appease the masses. Not when he kept smiling at her like that.

Maybe she was a fool for hoping but at least she wouldn’t be the fool who missed her chance.