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WriteWorld Sentence Block

Prompt: You could at least pretend to be helpful


Caidence was torn between helping the hound with the next pup and rubbing the last one to help it breathe better. It was the fourth birth of the day on top of all her other work and she was running on empty. It didn’t help that she had a tag along that was more draining than helpful.

“You could at least pretend to be helpful.” She chanced a look over her shoulder at the lazy man. Salih knew how tired she was, even commented on how she was going to fall over if she didn’t take a break, but hadn’t lifted a finger. It wasn’t all that surprising really.

“I am helpful.” Her focus was back on the hound and her litter but she couldn’t stop the eye roll that followed that statement. Hearing those words from him was rare but they weren’t usually backed up by any actual action. “I carried your bag for you.”

“Oh yes, how could I forget that you carried it all of five feet from the door.” She muttered under her breath as she picked up the next pup. It was a tiny little thing, probably the runt of the litter. She couldn’t be sure until the bitch stopped popping out more puppies.

There were already six that needed to be checked over. She wished for the umpteenth time that she had modern medical equipment. It would have done wonders in this world. Instead she had to make do with what she could commission from a black smith and the local doctors.

“Salih, come here.” Her energy and patience was already worn thin from how busy she’d been. So when he didn’t move, or even say anything, she narrowed her eyes over her shoulder at him. “If you want me to be able to do anything other than my job today, you’ll get your lazy ass over here.”

That was enough to get him moving but not enough for him to forgo the dramatics. Theatrical sighs and grumbling were the least of her worries right now. She would deal with his attitude in a little bit. The shock and disbelief on his face when she plopped the newest puppy and cloth into his hands did make it worth the possible pouting later.

“I need you to clean him up while I check the others. It looks like the mother is taking a break but I don’t know if there will be anymore.”

“This is your job, not mine!” He tried to shove the pup back into her hands and she had to scramble to keep the pup from falling. It was a challenge to get Salih to do anything but apparently he was above even helping a small puppy.

Sending a glare in his direction, she settled down to do the simple task. She needed help but Salih was practically allergic to any sort of activity that could be considered work. Sometimes it took a more underhanded way to get him to help out even a little.

“I’m sorry about the big man being so mean,” she cooed at the pup, pretending not to notice the way Salih’s gaze came back to her. “For a shape shifter, he is completely inept at this. I think the whole birthing process scares him.”

“I am not scared!”

“Hear how high his voice got? We call that denial.” She kept her attention on the pup but it was hard to miss the way he stomped back over. The dogs cries were getting clearer and his fur was not as sticky anymore. “Oh, that’s a good boy. You won’t be scared of newborn pups when you’re big.”

After she put the pup down in next to his mother, the rag was snatched away from her and a larger hand carefully plucked up the next pup to be cleaned. She glanced over at him just to be sure he wasn’t being rough with the newborn before putting her focus on making sure the clean ones were indeed healthy and their mother was going to be okay.

“Stupid woman is going to poison your minds…” Salih’s muttering only made her smile as he spoke to the next few pups that he cleaned. He was undoubtedly going to be annoyed with her for hours about the scared comment but it was worth it. She’d make it up to him later. It was one of the few wins that she had earned and she’d relish in the help while it lasted.