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Challenge: tehuti’s 100 Sentence Prompts

Prompt: If we aren’t careful, we’ll cause an accident.


Emerald Sight


“If we aren’t careful, we’ll cause an accident.”

Case lifted his head and smiled. “Is that why you still haven’t started the mixer like I told you?” Shaking his head, Case set down the tray of eggs and moved over to the sweet faced little girl eyeing him in worry. “What kind of accident?”

He watched her frown twist in thought. Her eyes dropped from his but he knew they shined as beautifully as her mother’s did. They weren’t the same green but it was still rich in color and full of adventure. In time her eyes lifted. He gave her a small nod and waited. She was only six but she learned quickly. She knew what it meant weigh each one of her decisions and to think about the consequences.

“Come on, you can tell me.” He moved closer and scooped her up. “What are you thinking so hard about ma princesse?”

The light prodding, paired with his tinkling fingers, got her to giggle and give up her silent debate of to tell him or not. “We might get iron in the food.”

Case almost chuckled through his smile. So young and yet she plagued herself with every little what if. “I promise, nothing will get in the mix from using the mixer or the other utensils. There is no iron in them.”

She peered around him and stared at the empty muffin trays. “Are they safe too?”

“They are.” Seeing her frown return, Case tapped her little nose with his own. “Lantana, nothing will go wrong. This isn’t Faerie. Nobody will try to hurt mommy.”


Her eyes shone with fresh tears. As much as he hated seeing them, he knew why they were there. She knew about the evils of the Courts and the people within each of them. Each of her fears were justified. She watched her own grandmother purposely hurt her uncle. But those were the people there, behind the veil, and that was why he and Belladonna agreed they could live in the human world.

Case set her on the counter and lowered himself so they were at eye level. “I promise. Nobody will hurt my girls.” Even if it meant baring his fangs and losing himself in a blood lust, he would protect them. All of them.

“I think we need some help. Can you find your aunt?”

Lantana’s head bobbed excitedly. “Good. Tell her we need lots of help. Think you can do that?” Her head bobbed again.

He lifted her from the counter and set her on her feet. He almost turned away but then he noticed the frown again. “What is it? I told you, no iron.”

“What if she’s with mommy?”

“Then tell her daddy said come quick and you distract mommy. Okay?”

“Okay.” Lantana beamed and hurried off.

Case chuckled. She was part vampire, part human, part fae and she seemed to benefit from them all. She had the resilience of a vampire, the ability to age normally like a human, even if her lifespan was near eternal, and she got the beauty of the fae. As she went, he could have sworn there was a faint glow about her that reminded him so much of her mother’s.

They were his sun spots. Not even the darkness of night would take that from him.