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It was so easy that it was almost no fun at all. The way that they cried out for mercy, for a release that he wasn’t inclined in the least to give them, it was nearly boring. The only saving grace was all the energy that he was gaining from the group.

They had been sent to kill him; to wipe his very existence off the face of the Earth and to take his head to their employer. Ironically enough, it had been his human father to hire them.

“My, my, what did this lot do?” His gaze rose from the writhing bodies on his living room floor to his unexpected guest for the evening. Most of his guests were meals, his regulars, or his illustrious creator but this one didn’t fit into any of the categories.

Then again, he also didn’t associate with the walking Sins very often. And Madness was not his choice of companion in the least; or at least this half wasn’t. Lyssa’s twin brother was far easier to deal with.

“They came for my head.” Bast smiled charmingly, stepping over the unfortunate souls to take Lyssa’s jacket and escort her to the couch. With a chaste kiss to the back of her hand, he returned to his chair. “I am but introducing them to the pleasures of the flesh like they’ve never known.”

Lyssa’s wild eyes watched the humans long enough that she missed the way that Bast licked his lips. Pure, wild power was the only way he could describe the essence of this female. As the truly insane half of the Sin Madness, Lyssa was a bomb with a short fuse. He couldn’t get a good read on her emotions or her current state and that put him on edge.

Her less than civil moments were infamous among the demons of hell.

“Is it not customary for such pets to be given release?” Bast found it hard to imagine the slip of a woman in front of him was truly a Sin in the flesh what with the way she tilted her head and gave him a look of such childlike curiosity. Deva did warn him that the Sins were unpredictable to the core.

“It is their punishment for being so bold as to enter my humble abode with the intent to harm.” His gray eyes flickered away from her ever changing eyes down to the humans. They’d been begging for release for about an hour now. So long as he dragged it out, the more of their energy he could steal before he truly made a meal of them. “May I inquire as to why you have graced me with your exquisite presence?”

In the span of mere moments, the child in Lyssa was gone and it was replaced with a dangerous being of the like that Bast had never come to face with before. It was all in the eyes and the way that she shifted, like a predator eyeing its prey.

“I did not come here to play with you Germaine,” Lyssa all but purred, her tone drifting from curious to an undiscernible tone in mere seconds. “I have been sent by my brother.”

“As humbled as I am by his interest, I am currently a one gender incubus my dear.” Though it had not occurred to him to try to test his gifts on a Sin, she had brought up an interesting topic. What exactly would have happened if she had been here to play?

Her dark laughter, tinged with the Insanity that was her nature, sent involuntary shivers up his spine. That was not a laugh that would bode well for any in her path.

“Crevan is as asexual as they come, do not fret baby incubus.” Much to his annoyance and to Lyssa’s growing amusement, his brow twitched at the name. Though he was the youngest incubus on record at the moment, he was far from a babe. “No, we have a job for you. Actually, we wanted Deva but she’s difficult to find so we settled for her protégé.”

With good reason, he mused to himself. This was the type of guest that Deva typically wanted to avoid. If not for the mark on his bicep that Deva had left, he would have trouble finding her himself.

“I reserve the right to refuse such an offer, don’t I?” Though he doubted there was truly an option in the matter, he preferred his limits laid out plainly on the table when dealing with a being that could destroy him without much effort.

“Do you wish to keep your head on your shoulders?” That was enough of an answer and Bast put on his best school boy smile that he could manage. It was hard to look like a school boy with blue hair and piercings.

“Then what can I do for you gorgeous? What could the twins of Madness want from little ole’ me?” Flirting hadn’t failed him before and it didn’t fail him now. Though the colors and emotions present in Lyssa’s eyes were ever changing, he caught the approval.

“Your task is simple enough. There is a pair of souls that we require in a certain state.” Bast wasn’t quite sure about taking any sort of job from Madness but she had piqued his interest. There were a variety of ways to prepare a soul to be stolen but that was well within her, and her brother’s power.

It was as if she could read his mind. She rose like a jaguar before settling in his lap and pressing him back into the chair. “Sadly enough, I lack the patience for such a task and Crevan refuses. We need these souls driven to the precipice of Insanity by pleasure, much like you’re doing to these three.”

Bast didn’t dare look downwards towards the humans that she was referring to. To break eye contact would be to submit and he didn’t believe in giving in so easily. Not even to Lyssa.

“I assume these are very specific souls or you would demand two at random.” True to his nature, his fingers danced slowly up her back and over her shoulder. With Madness in his lap, there was no predicting what his actions could do. She could feel jilted if he did not try anything at all, something that could very well be bad for his health, or she could become infuriated by his audacity and he’d still be screwed.

Since he was not yet in excruciating pain, he assumed that it was the former that was true. Still, he kept his pheromones in check and kept his touches to bodily safe zones. There was no true understanding of Madness.

“Correct. We have specifics souls we need.” She hummed, her slender fingers tangling in his hair. With a forceful pull, she wretched his head back and bared his throat to her. Bast kept his breathing even and waited for her next move. Leaning forward, she murmured the last of her instructions in his ear before topping it off with a threat. “Fail us, and your mind shall be shattered so thoroughly that not even the Angels could piece it back together again. You’ll be our toy in the Twisted Kingdom.”

“I understand completely.”

“Good.” She released his hair and pushed away from him. This time he did not stand to show her out and instead watched her movements carefully. For one that was the least rational of Madness, she was more coherent than he ever expected. Once her coat was back on, she glanced over her shoulder one last time. “We expect a report in a week.”

Bast waited until she was gone to rub his forehead and sighed. This was probably one of the most dangerous things he’d ever been entangled with; and he’d slept with the half demon huntress that had a grudge against all demonkind.

A tug on his pant leg drew him from explicit memories about that lovely tryst and he glanced down. The human had become so desperate that she had crawled her way to him to beg for his touch. He still wasn’t inclined to oblige but after his visit with Lyssa, he was rather famished.

With a kick, he removed the offending appendage from his person just as his skin began to darken. Though he much preferred the human guise while hunting, the true form of Incubi and Succubi were truly a thing to behold; his one of the most magnificent if he did say so himself.

As dark colored horns curled from his cranium, his lips twisted into a wicked grin. A three course meal and then he’d get to work. With any luck, he’d get this new mission done before the report was due.


The Requester for this FR piece was Maura. ^_^ She wanted more Bast so I gave it to her. I might sneak in a few more of him but shhh, don’t tell her.