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Character Development Challenge

Wren Ridere, Age 13

Prompt: What’s your character’s ranking on the Kinsey Scale?


There was a small bit of sympathy left in her for all the new kids that were being brought in. They were as scared as she had been when she walked through those gates and had no clue about what was waiting for them. The clothes on their back would be taken away and ripped apart to make into something useful; any worldly possessions that they had brought along would be taken away. If they were lucky, they might get a few items back for good behavior but the majority of them would never see their toys again.

Before any of that though, they were marched right into the dining building to take their entrance survey. It was a long questionnaire, filled with puzzles and various tricky questions that were meant to place a nine year old in a place where their skills would be most useful. Some showed a promise for technology, some for combat like her brother had, or covert missions like her.

“Another batch?” Wren shrugged, not bothering with answering the girl who leaned on the railing next to her. Hannah shared her sympathies for the new kids but neither of them would act on them in public. “Do you remember the survey?”

“That’s a ridiculous question.” Of course she remembered the survey. It was the first step in the hell that had become her day to day existence. There were stupid questions mixed in with the ones that determined a kid’s fate. “I sat as far away from the proctors as I could. I had already gotten weird looks when they realized that I was Phillipe’s sister.”

“Ah yes, the pride and joy. I forget you’re related to him sometimes.” Hannah mused, resting her chin in her upturned palm. She didn’t care if Hannah had remembered or not, by now it’d been proven time and time again that she and Phillipe were not the same person and they had different skills.

“Remember the silly questions?” She wasn’t in the mood to talk about her brother or how different they were. The survey was a safe topic. “Like the ones that asked our sexuality? What nine year old really knows who they’re attracted to?”

“Oh! I do remember that! There were a couple of questions like that.” Hannah snickered, scanning the children as they filed into the cafeteria. No doubt she was wondering what the looks of bewilderment would be like on their little faces. “What did you put?”

“I didn’t answer them.” She skipped over any question that she hadn’t understood. From what she had learned in school, it was better to not know than to guess and be wrong. “I always wondered if they were just filler questions or if they actually worried about it.”

“If they worried about it, we wouldn’t be sleeping in co-ed buildings.” Hannah was right about that. If any of the higher ups were actually worried about anything sexual happening, they would have separated all of them. Gender and sexual preference didn’t really matter much, not when they were all too busy to care.

“So what are you?” Hannah chimed in once all the kids had disappeared. They still had a few more minutes to kill before they went in for their Tactics of Interrogation lesson.

“Excuse me?” Wren wasn’t sure if the other girl was really asking what she thought she was asking. Despite the conversation, she and Hannah weren’t friends. They barely even saw each other.

“Men or women; with whom does Wren Ridere want to get down with.” Hannah’s eyebrows waggled and she laughed. Wren’s nose wrinkled and she shook her head. How was it that Hannah could be so obnoxious and yet be working towards a career in covert ops. She didn’t think the girl would last very long. “Don’t be like that! Just tell me.”

Rolling her eyes, she pushed away from the rail. Hannah definitely wouldn’t last long in the actual battle if that was her version of an interrogation. Still, she could humor her for a moment. “Guys, Hannah, I’m attracted to guys.”

“Really?” When she glanced back at Hannah, she wondered why the other girl looked so surprised. “I always thought you’d swing both ways.”

Wren snorted and shook her head. She didn’t have anything against those that did but she wasn’t into women. “Sorry to disappoint you.”

“I think you’re missing out. You could have the best of both worlds.” There was that annoying eyebrow wiggle again and Wren just sighed and walked away. She would much prefer to deal with a painful interrogation than to listen to Hannah talk about how liking both is so much better.


It was hard to figure out how to fit the Kinsey Scale into a prompt but I did my best.